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100 Years

Artwork by ladiloera

Grief is a lesson we never finish learning. It is not a land we walk through, there is no other side, grief is the world we live in. This saddens me and fills my heart with joy, both at the same time. We can only grieve when we've had something to lose.

I found Rizzo's favorite toy today, while clearing out a space in the garage. I miss her every day and I am grateful for every day we had together.

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About the Artist

"I am a Texas native that makes my living with my Mexican themed Day of the Dead illustrations. I write and speak about the loss of my partner to cancer, the changes this brought about my life and the lessons I've learned. Grief is messy, I think speaking about it openly can help make it less messy for others." Ladislao Loera is a Texas based artist that creates illustrations based on his interpretation of the Mexican Holiday: The Day of the Dead. An accomplished speaker and writer, his artwork is available at Frenzy Art.

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