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My Amazing Gift


My Amazing Gift

10 Things Only A Griever Understands



Today is the day

I wouldnt ever believe where I am today

I wont look back n live in yesterday

There is a path we choose

whether we win or loose

remember the choice is up to you

as I get older and realize what's true

is that no one or nothing would know what to do

i have climbed mountains, I've conquered fears

chasing after dreams as wiping away the tears

Ashes Release Prayer Poem

As the wind picks up your ashes

And they fly throughout the air

Why the Right Grief Support Matters

Grief in the Age of Gratitude.


Such a simple idea… slowing down, taking stock of our lives, making the choice to focus on the good we have, and spending less time searching and yearning for what we don’t.

If You By Chance Come Across My Loved One In Heaven, Please Tell Them That I Love Them

  “ If you by chance come across my loved one in Heaven, please tell them that I love them”….

A hard lesson to learn

I'm so grateful to have learned the lesson of self acceptance and only needing my own approval...

I want to do an experiment based on my hypothesis...

Today is 9/9/16........@ 11:16 am

Let's do this......

I woke up today
Fighting my way
To deal with all
They had to say

One Year Ago

One year ago you were still here with me

Now you are in heaven looking down to see

I am fighting this fight of grieving inside

It's exhausting hiding it and having to smile

I stand tall and hide my frown

For the world to think I am wearing my crown

I take a deep breath and look up to the sky

I am hoping to still be the apple of your eye

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