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The Grief Toolbox is providing our user contributed articles as well as aggregated articles from a variety of blogs. Please join our community and comment on the articles, let us and others know what you found helpful and that you did not. Together we can help each other as well as future travelers on their grief journey. We are also always looking for additional contributors; if you see a topic you would like to share your thoughts on, please submit content.

It was the Kool-Aid Koolers. I am pretty sure they have been lurking in the juice aisle for years,but my VERY frequent grocery store trips don't take me to that aisle. I go frequently because I simply canNOT stand the grocery store since we lost Keith 9 years ago and i make brief,frequent trips and spend way too much money just grabbing stuff. Towards ,I would say the last year-when Keith was...


In 2013 my husband’s aorta split like a garden hose. I drove him to the hospital and arrived “just in time,” according to an emergency room nurse. My husband was bleeding to death and surgeons operated on him twice in an attempt to staunch the blood. No luck. They operated on him a third time and, while they saved his life, my husband had a spinal stroke during the operation and it paralyzed...


How can you celebrate when your heart is broken?

This is my final article on Holiday Grief. Here’s what we talked previously:

Wow -I've just watched the film The Book Of Life - It's a children's film that deals openly with death.
I couldn't help but compare my own grief journey too it. There were lots of similarities. But it also provided confirmation about some...

 “Pissed off at God” by Kelly Farley

This post is for the faith based grieving dads with faith based beliefs. I have for the most part over the last 4 years stayed clear of postings that revolve around faith. I allow the grieving dads that respond to my post to include faith in their...


The heart holds a great capacity for love. It does not love just one at a time and becomes full. It never fills up, no matter how much love grows there. The loss of a child, for a step-parent is just as deep as it is for a natural parent. We don't realize this and are not deliberately cruel in it either. The wrong thought is to think that because they are not blood, they could not possibly...


I really don’t contemplate the reasons or meaning of life much anymore. I think it would drive me crazy and with all that has happened, crazy is not too far away. I’m sure we all feel that way, that we have gone off our rockers with all the changes that happened so suddenly when our loved one passed. We are not crazy, just different. The urge to keep asking why we are here becomes stronger...

Hope is Here

He is stronger than the struggle
Greater than the pain
Faithful through the loss...

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