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The Grief Toolbox is providing our user contributed articles as well as aggregated articles from a variety of blogs. Please join our community and comment on the articles, let us and others know what you found helpful and that you did not. Together we can help each other as well as future travelers on their grief journey. We are also always looking for additional contributors; if you see a topic you would like to share your thoughts on, please submit content.

There is something safe about staying where we are. When I was a child my mother always told me to “stay put” if I got separated from her. She would then find me. The few times I found myself lost as a child I would do what she said and wait knowing that my mother would come to me. It was very safe to "stay put" when I was lost.

 When my 4 and half year old son, Noah, died how I...


My daughter Jaimè Jacinda was only with me for four short days before she passed away in my arms. My struggle to find answers to the questions ‘Why?’ and ‘Why Me?’ haunted me for a long time. Making sense of your own child’s death is no easy feat. How does one move on and find some sense of meaning in life when you’ve been challenged with the biggest...


In January 2011, Joshua Amos Harris Edmonds was killed in a road traffic accident in Vietnam. He was 22 and on a trip of a lifetime traveling across South East Asia. His parents creatively creating Beyond Goodbye — a book, … Continue reading


July 13, 2006 Bobby Resciniti the son of Diane and Bob Resciniti was killed in an automobile accident. It changed their lives forever and is now changing the world six years later.  Bob and Diane took their tragedy and the transformational power in their grief and turned...


We have all experienced loss in one form of another, and it is a painful journey that takes a lifetime to learn to live life with.  There is hope always remember that in your darkest hours there is always hope.   I experienced my first loss at the age of 9 when my mother passed away.  I always thought that was the worst thing that could happen.  I can remember many...


dsc_0875_2 The Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation hosted it’s 3rd annual Angel Walk on Sunday, April 29!



Contrary to some peoples’ ideas about grief it is possible to experience joy at life even in the midst of grieving.  Grief is not a static emotion but rather it ebbs and flows just like the ocean.  At some moments in our lives our grief is powerful like huge crashing waves upon rocks during a storm.  At other moments our grief is softer and gentler, like a baby wave caressing...


There are many different reasons and purposes for telling our grief story. Telling our story is important for so many reasons but understanding why we are telling it helps us to formulate the story for that purpose and to get the reaction that we wanting from telling it. There are three basic reasons that we tell a story and as we move through grief these reasons may change.

1. We tell...


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