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I'm Grieving, Now What?

The Grief Toolbox is providing our user contributed articles as well as aggregated articles from a variety of blogs. Please join our community and comment on the articles, let us and others know what you found helpful and that you did not. Together we can help each other as well as future travelers on their grief journey. We are also always looking for additional contributors; if you see a topic you would like to share your thoughts on, please submit content.

My mother loved to bake. Her orange sponge cake was famous in the neighborhood and our church. She was also known for her chocolate and blonde brownies, flaky homemade biscuits, and French chocolate cake. Friends would drop off ingredients and ask my mother to bake for them. If she had wanted, she could have turned her skills into a business.


Mixes weren't available yet and...



Listen to the words

And see the tears

Here the pain

And feel the fear


I am not the same

Grief has me torn

... Comments

Yes, you do need support! And yes it’s out there.  The support of family and friends is wonderful, if you have it. However, unless they have traveled this journey they will not relate to why you’re still having bad days two years after losing your spouse/partner.

Do support group’s help?

Yes, either virtual or in person.  I wrote my thesis many years ago...


Laughter:     I want to tell you something about laughter; laughter is a huge healing tool.  Most of you can probably remember where you were the first time you really laughed, after your child died.  You immediately felt guilty, but you also felt alive.  It took you by surprise.  We have to laugh.  It sometimes takes a while to do...


When you lose someone you love, it's natural to start thinking about life. You think about where you are in life, what you want to get out of it, and what's missing. These thoughts are a natural reaction to your circumstances and should not be ignored, but rather nurtured and acted upon. Take this opportunity to do some soul searching and look to answer all of these questions about your...


There is a prize beyond suffering. Especially as we learn, our worlds for sight are opened, as are our hearts. Our perspectives are broadened and we begin to appreciate reality.


Recently, I got a nudge to find a song on YouTube by Don Henley called "The Heart of the Matter." It is a song about the challenges of relationships and the pain arising...




Like being a mother, when your child is born your natural mother instincts click in.  Becoming a caregiver is some what of the same, if you are truly in love with your...


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