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I'm Grieving, Now What?

The Grief Toolbox is providing our user contributed articles as well as aggregated articles from a variety of blogs. Please join our community and comment on the articles, let us and others know what you found helpful and that you did not. Together we can help each other as well as future travelers on their grief journey. We are also always looking for additional contributors; if you see a topic you would like to share your thoughts on, please submit content.

Child loss is unimaginable unless it becomes your life. In an instant your world comes tumbling down. That is exactly what happened to me on Nov 7, 2014 when my son Brian died in a car accident. My life. My parents lives. My stepdaughter and husband lives. His friends & teachers lives. All changed. After Brian passed away and the service was over my husband was sitting on the couch...


"Sleep? What's that?" Paul said. "I manage to snatch a little here and there, but I haven't slept through the night since Colton died."

Paul's son Colton had always been into horses. He began riding at age 4. He...


Coping with the death of a loved one is a complicated process. It involves dealing with an array of emotions and can leave you feeling drained, overwhelmed and unable to handle even the simplest of daily activities. When you live in a different city and can’t be with your family after the loss, it’s especially difficult to ...


Valentine’s Day, 2008 will forever live in my heart as well as in my mind’s eye. The day began when I was awakened by noise coming from what seemed to be the vicinity of the kitchen.  As I approached to retrieve my first cup of coffee of the day, I found my beautiful wife Michelle busy working on her latest project: making pretzels sticks dipped in various flavors of chocolate; each stick...


As we age we are inevitably bereaved more often, and it is at a time of our life when we are more vulnerable. Research shows that the generation that are in their 60’s and older, are the least likely to access or receive appropriate support when someone dies, and this is particularly true of men.

Through my work as a bereavement psychotherapist for the last 25 years, I have learned from...


"Thanks to other people, I’ll make it. If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team of brave hearts to help someone survive the loss of a child," Marge shared.



We always talk about the regret a griever may have leading up to their loss – did I do enough, did I love enough, could I or should I have done more?

But plenty of grievers struggle just as much with the...


I can hardly believe that our angels have been gone for over 5 years.  I still have days where the true reality of all of it still hasn't settled in. When we hit 5 years this past November 4th I felt a new kind of sadness and emptiness.  Time makes things different but it does not make things easier.

I had a moment last week where I sat in my car and tried as hard as I could to...


"I wander. I drift. I have no purpose. Everything feels meaningless," Mark said.

"Me too. I'm just here. That's all," Melanie added.

Mark and Melanie's daughter Faith was their third...


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