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My mind says he's gone

my heart says no.

I look for him

I listen for his voice

I miss sharing my day with him

I miss his endearing words

I miss his wisdom

My heart says he is here

My mind says he's not.

I cook, but can't eat

The food chokes me.

I can't sleep

I cry when I hear a certain song

I cry when a memory comes through

I cry out of loneliness

My mind says he's gone

My heart says it's not so.

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About the Author

I was very happily married to Ray for 36 1/2 years. We have been together for over 38 years. I thank God everyday for bringing Ray into my life. Ray was my first and only love and I miss him more than life itself. I used to write short stories & poetry as a way to help in my recovery from my childhood. I journal quite a bit. Writing is a release for me and helps me to cleanse my soul.

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