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Dating After the Loss of a Spouse

Dating After the Loss of a Spouse

When Everything Reminds Us

When we’re missing someone, we tend to bump into them everywhere.

“What do I miss?” Andrea asked. “Everything! I miss everything. Everything reminds me of Aaron.”

“It doesn’t matter where I go or what I do, he’s gone. And it keeps hitting me in the face over and over and over again,” she continued.

How do I move forward

How do I move forward without guilt?

Taking into account all that we have built!

Alone, confused, conflicted!

That’s how I feel everyday, my brain is twisted!

My thoughts are in competition with my heart to see which can form the most knots.

Move forward?

How can I do that without you?

Shattered Order

I have spent my entire life believing there was some semblance of order to the world, some kind of logic and structure that kept our universe moving in the right direction. In my simple human mind, there had to be a reason for why things happened.

Scattered Truths, Eights Years Later

1. He doesn't want me at the grave. 
My senses arrest
whenever I go. 
I don't understand.

If You Can’t Stand To Look At The Empty Chair – Sit In It

loss of a loved one

When you gather a group of people who have lost a loved one, one topic that inevitably comes up is what to do with the “stuff".


When we’re hurting, we’re more vulnerable.

That’s not surprising. Our hearts have been hit, perhaps broken. Our worlds are upside-down. The definition of normal has totally changed. Our emotions are all over the place.

We’re more vulnerable than we realize.


Little things. Life is made up of them.

In fact, the little stuff can be gigantic.


When We Can't Imagine a World Without Them

When someone we love exits, they leave a hole. A large one. 

“She was the most wonderful woman. Words can’t express how much I loved her. She’s gone, and now there’s a hole where my heart was,” Larry said, staring at his wife Darlene’s picture.

“I can’t imagine the world without her. She was my life. What am I supposed to do now? How am I going to go on living?”

Time Changes Nothing

166 days since I last spoke or saw you.

Death changes everything.

Time changes nothing.

I miss the sound of your voice.

I miss our conversations and your advice.

Small decisions are now hard.

I miss your presence, your touch.

I miss making new memories and sharing old ones.

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