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One Day Your Life Became My Memories

One day your life became my memories

Those memories I won’t ever let fade

I think of you and I still smile

The Flesh Profits Nothing

To have a heart that is tied up in knots
when their are a dozen of pots
in your sink;
Can't even think

Hold On

Hold on to all the times we had
In life that made you smile
Hold on to all the memories
That made our lives worth while
Hold on to all of our sweet love...
And dreams that we once shared

My Amazing Gift


My Amazing Gift

My Loving hubby

Enjoying my life
Being a wife
To the best man in the world

You make me so happy
Treat me like your queen
Even when we have a fight
Your not even mean

You take 5 minutes
Then your fine
I'm so grateful
Your all mine

I love you Michael Lynn
I got so lucky your all mine
Thank you for all you do
Everyday and all the time

My Journey

This journey that I have been on, for eight years since it began.

Has been ever so difficult to believe and difficult to understand.

You and I were still so young and still so very much in love.

Without any warning, in a blink of an eye, God took you to heaven above.

This tragedy has happened and I can't change it if I try,

Ashes Release Prayer Poem

As the wind picks up your ashes

And they fly throughout the air

Quicksand (A Mourning Poem)

The one who loved me for me

Is gone now.

His absence is like

Absence (reflection from a broken heart)

I thought we would have

More time than we did

You should be here with me

That's how it should be

But every day

Temporary Bandage-A Poem of Contemplation

Time stands still
As I wait on the other side
To finally hold you again
If I could forget my loss
Long enough to remember
All that you had been

Trivial tokens mean so much
Once the passing of you
Became so resolute 
Denial kept me hidden
Pretending you weren't gone

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