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12 Things the Grieving Should Know

Expert Author Diane Keys

In my twenty plus years working as a psychic medium, I have had the privilege to work with thousands of clients.

I have helped many people coping with tragic loss of a loved one due to: sudden death, murder, suicide, overdose, and natural death.

An 'expected' death is just as hard to grieve as any other loss. It can be very healing to have validation that there IS life after death.

I am a clairvoyant and medium. For mediumship, I utilize a different set of skills than intuitive readings. I liken it to being a "translator" for those who have died, to make contact with the people they love and left behind.

I don't like to use the word dead, as I don't believe it is accurate. When we die, we change form, transform, transition to a different state of being; we exist in inter-dimensional time, where there is no time and space.

Spirits are able to travel at light speed. It is hard for those of us on a linear timeline to comprehend, but loved ones can be in many different places at once.

I would like to share the most common concerns and struggles facing those coping with loss (this is in no way a comprehensive list

If you never get a reading from me, please read the following, and share with anyone you feel can be helped by it.

They don't even need to be 'believers', but will still be able to take away something to bring them comfort.

12 Things the Grieving Should Know

1. Stop feeling guilty. Your loved one is not angry or upset with you FOR ANY REASON

2. There is NOTHING you could have done to change things or stop their death (feelings aren't always rational)

3. It's okay to feel angry and abandoned because they (unintentionally) left you

4. Moving on with your life, does not mean they will leave

5. Moving on is really moving up; the more growth, joy, and enlightenment you achieve, the closer you are to them

6. The signs you get, the dreams you have, are real. They are not just your imagination or wishful thinking.

7. Spirit form is a high vibration/higher consciousness state. Your loved one is in a good place. They miss you terribly, they watch over you and yours constantly, but they are liberated, healthy and happy

8. The only spirits that are "stuck" are those of us left on planet earth

9. They are not attached to or IN any of their belongings

10. They are always by your side even if you don't feel you are getting signs

11. You will squander your life, If you shut down and detach from your emotions

12. Honor their death by fully living. Fully living means you allow yourself to embrace all aspects of the life experience, from agony to ecstasy, and everything in between

Many feel isolated, but I can assure you there are many many going through the grieving process.

Going forward:

a. Reach out for support.

b. Don't try to do this alone.

c. You don't need to 'put on a brave face' and tell people you are fine when you are not.

d. Be true to yourself and you will receive much more understanding and compassion than you believed was available.

Be well!

In One Love

Diane Keys is a psychic medium with a wide range of abilities. She does intuitive (clairvoyant) readings, which can include past lives, mediumship, healing, and pet communication. She is a graduate of a psychic training institute, and teaches classes and workshops on psychic development.

She is "the real deal"!

Visit her web site to learn more.
Find her on Facebook! Like her page to be notified of special offers and free readings

Diane focuses on the positive and can help if you are at a cross roads, need spiritual guidance, or just confirmation you are on the right path. She can help you get more of what YOU want out of life.

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