Ride the Wave...

August 19th is known as the Day of Hope to break down the walls of infant, pregnancy & child loss. With that being said, if you can barely find the strength to hold on, I beg you to ride the wave. I know you are drowning, but I also know the shore is not too far away...I live the kind of loss that will paralyze you. I grieve in ways you can’t fathom. I died the day he did. But I came back!! YOU can too!! Healing is tiring, but it’s worth it. Please rise from the ashes to laugh & live again while also honoring your pain & broken heart. The life I had before loss is gone. It’s never coming back. I had to recreate a new life so that when it’s my time to go, Brian can say “you did it for me”.   #doitforbrian

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