Let Your Light Shine

As we wander through this world
Life has so many things in store
Sometimes we feel we can’t go on
Like we just can’t take anymore
But, on the darkest of our days...
There is a light that still shines bright
It keeps us going through our days
And watches over us as night
It is a light within our soul
A light that’s been there since our birth
It is a light that makes us beautiful
A light that helps us know our worth
This light is filled with all the miracles
That we can dream of in our soul
It is the light that makes us smile
It is the light that makes us whole
Our light can never become dim
For it shines brightly every day
It’s there for us in times of trouble
It truly never goes away
That light is made of God’s sweet love
And it is filled with God’s sweet light
So on your darkest days remember
Your inner self is shining bright
So as you wander through this world
And times of trouble find you low
Remember you are made of God
And let your beautiful light glow

About the Author
My name is Fara Gibson. I am a Psychic/Medium. I was born with an amazing ability given to me by God. I have the ability to connect people here in the physical world with their loved ones that have passed on to Heaven. You see, I said that I was born with an ability because the gift lies in the messages that I get to give to people like you. When I was a little girl I always knew that I was a little different from all of the other kids. I could see things the other kids didn’t see, hear things the other kids couldn’t hear and I felt things that I couldn’t explain. In my teens, I discovered that it wasn’t that I was different, I was blessed. I am clairaudient (I hear spirit), clairsentient (I feel spirit) and I am also clairvoyant (I see spirit and the symbols they give me). I have shared messages of healing and assurance that our loved ones are with us and watching over us from Heaven since I was a young girl. Fara Gibson, Psychic Medium www.faragibsonpsychicmedium.com There is a link to my FB Page listed on my Website. If you would like to focus on your Healing, I would love for each of you to join my page. I have also just written and released a book about Heaven titled "Looking Into The Windows Of Heaven" May those of you who read this book find healing within it's pages. You may purchase my book by copying and pasting this link in your browser https://www.createspace.com/5468826
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