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Robert was a very special person and I think you all know him by these qualities --Real easy going, sensitive, laid back, well-liked, thoughtful, vulnerable, liked a good time, lived in the moment, marches to the beat of his own drum, doesn't like to be bossed around, follows his own star, gentle, peaceful, curious, quiet, natural and friendly. He was not meant for the chaos and turmoil of this crazy world. He would stay away from punching time clocks but was generous and creative. I am like that being like me, he was destined to be misunderstood and people all wanted to change him to fit their needs and make them more comfortable so they would not have to confront their own anxiety. I think Robert was trying hard (in his own way) to find his place in the world. An 8 to 5 job was just not for him, so that would bring him into conflict with people who were Orthodox and conventional. They would try and push him into a programmed life. Some people just need more time to develop. Maybe inside he felt pressured to succeed in terms of what others expected of him. I don't think Robert was a saint, but I think he might have been an angel and didn't know it. There are Angels Among Us. They are always selfless-- they want little from the world and are content with simple things. Life on Earth is confusing for them. They're innocent and lack the guile to survive well here. That is why they die young. They're not practical their vision is of a better world. We may not understand them, but somehow, we are drawn to them-- they make us happy. I guess that is why God sends them to us. I don't really know, but when he takes them back, the loss is catastrophic-- it is unendurable unless and until we come to realize that angels are gifts on loan-- they do not belong to us and we can't own them; their purpose is to wake us up and show us the value of our own lives, how everybody struggles and experiences pain. Angels teach us not to inflict pain on others or even on ourselves but too sow Goodwill. I know that Robert is in heaven he is and always has been beloved by God. Roberts purpose was to wake people up to the reality that life is limited here on Earth. We don't have much time to figure it all out. Suddenly it all makes sense. We're just not wired to work unless we have spiritual information. People without God make a mess of things. I am thankful for Roberts brief visit here on Earth. I talk to him often I know he hears me and he may even answer me in mysterious ways that must be felt. Live from your heart and you will see.

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I'm a grieving Mom of a 33 yr old son. He died April 28,2015 so I'm starting my journey. I find this website helpful I try and read it daily. This is the worst heartbreak and pain one could endure in one lifetime.

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