My Mother's Day

On Mother's Day I miss my son.

Yet I look up into the sky and feel him smiling down on me.


On Mother's Day other mothers are accepting handmade gifts from their children

When I bask in the glow of my son's bravery.


On Mother's Day some mothers are having breakfast in bed.

I wake up next to my husband who thinks I am the best mommy ever!


On Mother's Day I miss having the duties of a mommy.

Yet my duty is to spread his story and his inspiration every chance I get.


On Mother's Day I wonder what he'd be doing now.

But when I think about my role in my son's life I know he's proud of me.


On Mother's Day I realize that most don't consider me a mother.

I know I have made the ultimate sacrifice as a mother, that makes me a mommy.


On Mother's Day most mothers get to snuggle their children.

On that day I know that my child is always in my heart and is always watching over me.


On Mother's Day mommies look forward to being honored.

I dread it but enjoy those who honor me as a mom.


On Mother's Day a lot of mommies spend time with their loved ones.

My time is spent with close loved ones who call me a mommy.


On Mother's Day most mothers reflect on their years as a mommy.

The milestones I have missed pain me but the days to come present so many possibilities.


On Mother's Day many mothers feel proud of all of their kids' accomplishments.

My son didn't have enough time yet he achieved strength and love.


On Mother's Day many moms look forward to watching their kids grow and thrive.

I look forward to seeing how my son's life will help others if not myself.


On Mother's Day other mommies are getting cards from family members.

I get flowers from my husband and a card from my parents, I don't need much more.


On Mother's Day some moms remember the years, the pregnancies, the joy of motherhood.

I rub my belly remembering the calm before the storm. pure bliss.


On Mother's Day many mommies look forward to watching the next milestones.

The days to come only bring motherhood in some aspect to me.


On Mother's Day there are moms who carry a strong load yet revel in it.

Losing my son is a strong load yet a labor of love, I carry it with pride.


On Mother's Day companies put out all sorts of cards honoring all mommies.

There isn't a card for my role as a mommy, yet I don't need a card, only the love of those who care.


On Mother's Day a lot of moms refer back to memorable photos.

My limited photos remind me of love, and the hope of things to come.


On Mother's day there are a lot of moms who feel like this day is the only day they are honored.;

I feel blessed and looked after everyday by my guardian angel, my son.


On Mother's Day some mothers wish they could be with their babies.

I do too, yet his life in Heaven is much better than what he would live on Earth.


On Mother's Day most moms are crying tears of happiness at their accomplishments as a mom.

I cry tears of loss yet the same tears of pride, the same tears of those moms, in a different capacity.


On Mother's Day ALL mothers all honored.

I AM  mother and I feel honored! <3

About the Author
I am Mommy to my Angel son Trey and my Earthly Daughter Lorelei! After losing our son to CHARGE Syndrome in 2009, I decided to journal my grief and life in hopes that my journey will help someone struggling much the same way I am and to bring awareness to fertility and infant loss. I write honestly and emotionally and provide resources for Angel Parents like myself
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