The Stillness in Our Life

The Stillness that I,  as well as many feel can be so cold, but just as I sit here quietly and still I feel a touch to remind me of you.  At times, many think it's best if they  never mention your name.  But you still and were my child and as mothers we still care, hurt and cry for you. Though so many of your things flood emotions at the same time they give a sense of closeness and peace in our Hearts. 

I as well as many, can't understand but we care and feel each others pain and in support we give each other hope, comfort and support to take another step knowing we stand with you all.

As dreams and memories bring happy and sad tears, but we also know our time here is still needed and until then we will continue to remember,  cherish and think of you even in the  Stillness in our Life.

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About the Author

I am a Mother to 5 grown children , grandmother to 5. I am a Advocate for the American Foundation Suicide Prevention. In hopes of giving others HOPE and support during the most difficult time of their life.

Helping The Bereaved