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When We Lose Someone in Pieces

Grief is an individual adventure. No two people are the same. Every person, every relationship is unique. So is every loss.

Each death or loss comes with its own special challenges. Losing a person in pieces over time is no exception.

Smile Because It Happened

Smile Because It Happened

An Open Letter to Time

Dear Time,

I hate you! You are not real. You are only an illusion and I know it. No great mystery, either, because we all know that you are not real.

Time does not exist.

Becoming me . Again.

My husband left this world on September 25, 2012. This was the last day of my life. For the past 3 years I have struggled daily with memories, guilt, remorse, anger, confusion and loneliness. Finally, I have been able to let go of MOST of these feelings. I was the best I could have been at that time with what I knew and had.


Since you've been gone

I keep thinking you're coming back.

I waited, day and night

But you never came.

Now...I am so torn...


I have had a few good days, i know who I am and I even know your name,

i could not figure out out why you were ignoring me and then I read my first poem,

"Who Am I" and I realized just how mean that I could be.  

No Parent Should Outlive A Child

No Parent Should Outlive A Child

That's Not How Things Were Meant To Be

They're Supposed To Grow And Marry

Bring Grandchildren To Our Knee

Some Things I Just Can't Understand

I'm The Mother Of An Angel

I'm The Proud Mother Of 'An Angel'

Who Was Too Special For This Earth

God Had Different Plans For Her

So He Took Her Back At Birth

He Blessed Her First With Family

Promising 'Families Are Forever'



My hands are shaking, I can't seem to get even a drink,

i look around, what must people think?

i am just 57 years old and sometimes i don't know,

I don't know my name, and I most surely don't know yours,

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