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My prayer is after you’ve read my writing or  heard me speak you won’t remember too much about me, but you will be drawn closer to the Lord. Yet I know you need to know something of the person whose words you hear or read. May you hear love in my voice…love for you and for our Lord God Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who lives in me.

God has been with me every step of a life filled with rich experiences of ups and downs. My prayer is for something I share to cause others to come closer to Him.  As a prayer cheerleader, I share Prayer Peeks & Prompts to help jump-start others into a deeper prayer life.

My first husband Steve died at the age of 37 after a long traumatic illness, leaving me behind with 4 remarkable children. Later, I married Dwight who was father to three wonderful kids. We blended our families together with the glue of Jesus’ love. My deep love for children extends beyond my ever-growing family to teaching  in early childhood education, Vacation Bible School and Sunday School. Yet I love all ages…

Since Steve died, for over 20 years I offered a Grieve With Hope support group for those who suffer loss (from the death of children, spouses, parents, siblings and friends- as well as other major losses). If you are grieving or pastor those who grieve,  join My Forever Memories grief support group . I am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist who shares the eternal hope found in Jesus Christ. There is a lot of helpful information on grieving through this website.

Besides speaking to many groups over the years, I have taught a weekly Women’s Bible Study as well as a Live With Hope group which reaches young women recovering from substance abuse. These women are all dear to my heart and have been influential in my writing of many women’s Bible Studies.

I have been blessed to write hundreds of articles, devotions, Bible Studies, personal experience stories and prayers for publications such as Lookout, Chicken Soup For The Soul, Standard Publishing, Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine, Women’s Day, Upper Room and many others.

Now you know a little about me…but remember:  It’s NOT about me! It’s all about Him.


About Me

After the death of my 37 year old husband, Steve, God led me on a path of encouraging others with His eternal hope through 25 years of a weekly Grieve With Hope Support Group, becoming certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist and ultimately writing/ designing two books--one for Adults and one for Children --called MY FOREVER MEMORIES OF YOU. They are designed to let you work though your own personal grief in your own home at your own pace. It will actually be a memory book, co-written by you and me. It is like a grief support group in a book. It  is interactive. My prayer is that you will find a friend to stand beside you as you grieve through my sharing but even more, a greater friend who will never ever leave you. The Lord is the best counselor, healer and comforter.

You may also ask to join the My Forever Memories of You grief group on Facebook, or visit my website which has a lot of helpful resources. These books are for any death you might be facing- expected/unexpected, traumatic/peaceful, a great/troubled relationship, spouse, parent, sibling, friend, child...     

All my love and prayers, dear friend.



I love the Lord and others. I believe in eternal relationships which include between those who happen to read what the Lord leads me to write, as well as my husband Dwight, seven children, 16 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I enjoy encouraging others through the challenges of life including marriage, parenting, grief and finding eternal joy in the midst of the most difficult journeys. Feel free to follow my Prayer Peeks & Prompts that encourage others to pray about anything and everything. I am happy to pray with you and for you.