10 Ways to Keep a Loved One's Memory Alive

Having lost 4 family members in just over 3 years, my world was turned upside down. I felt an ache in my heart and in my arms. I knew they were still in my heart but I needed something I could physically hold or actually see to comfort me. Although nothing brought them back or took away the pain, having some tangible reminders of them eased the pain.


  1. Plant a tree - after my 13-year-old nephew passed away several states away, we got permission to plant a tree at my children’s school.  It was something for them to see and remind them that life goes on, even after death.

  2. Write a song or poem, or even just write down memories of your loved one - one of my daughters processes her grief through writing songs, and they are a nice keepsake to remember our loved ones.

  3. Have something made from their clothing - there are so many options: pillows, bears, quilts, framed sayings…I would be honored to help you create the perfect item.  

  4. Have mass said for them if that’s something that would be meaningful to your family.

  5. Display photos of your loved one or make a scrapbook about them - just seeing a photo can be comforting.

  6. Do something they loved to honor them - one family goes to Dairy Queen every year on their loved one’s birthday because that was something he loved to do.

  7. Light a candle - there’s something special about just lighting a candle for someone.

  8. Make a donation in their honor - pick their favorite charity or something that reminds you of them. My grandfather was a WWII vet so we donated to the Vet’s cemetery.

  9. Have a piece of jewelry made - after my mother died, I had her thumbprint made into a charm and added a butterfly to a charm bracelet. I think of her everytime I wear it.

  10. Name something after them - many places offer you the opportunity to name a star, rose, vine, and many other things that will keep their memory alive.  


Choose something that has meaning for you and it will be the “right” way to honor and keep your loved one’s memory alive. In fact, you can choose as many or as few as you like. Come up with your own unique ways to remember them and know that their memories will always be with you.

Anne from Kidderbug Kreations

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About the Author
In just over three years, I had lost four of my closest family members. I learned that one of the hardest things about losing someone is the hollow place they leave in our lives, our hearts, and our arms. Through the stress and strain of planning final arrangements and settling estates, I reached for something to hold onto – a comfort in my time of need. Using the sewing skills my grandmother taught me, I was able to turn my mother’s nursing cape into a memory bear and my grandfather’s shirt into a memory pillow. It didn’t bring them back, but it did ease the heartache. Being able to hold unique, handcrafted items made from materials that once belonged to them helps keep their memory near. Today, I am honored to be able to comfort other families through their time of grief with Kidderbug Kreations.
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