With Easter approaching there has been some discussions in one of my groups on Faith. God. Jesus & the difficulty some Angel Parents have with their Faith in God. I often wondered myself why didn’t Brian get the “miracle” people talk about. Why wasn’t God there? But you see, God didn’t cause Brian’s accident. My inexperienced, newly 17 yr old driver, who took a curve too fast after he was doing 65 in a 55 mph caused his accident. He died instantly. There was no miracle for him to have. BUT, God was there on that day. He was there when I was sitting on the floor wanting to grab my husbands gun BUT didn’t. He was there when I was driving to work one day and wanted to crash into the Systel Building, call it a day BUT didn’t. He was there after I wrote a letter meant for my parents, husband and stepdaughter asking for them to forgive me for the choice I just made to end my life BUT didn’t. When I was drinking in excess to numb a pain that would not numb he was there. Every time I think I cant he is there to show me I can. He is there when my words and guidance to other grieving parents has helped them out of the darkness. My new life...He was there. I would not be HERE, if he was not THERE.


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