What Grief can teach us.


When we experience the death of a loved one close to us, we go through so many mixed emotions from shock and denial to emptiness, sadness, loneliness, and anger. Some of these emotions can take many months to work through or even years. Grief heals on its own and in its own time, there is no timeframe on how long grief should continue. It never really stops, and the scars are sometimes visible after so many years. Grief is something which is powerful and accompanies us throughout our lives. Our tears are a reminder of the person who has gone before us and who we still deeply love and miss. 

We often cry out in sadness, and our tears pour like the rain as we let the pain-free.  It is the only way forward; to embrace and acknowledge our pain as we slowly move on and try to work through it. It's all about baby steps. Pushing our Grief aside is not healthy and the pain will come back to us. By working against our grief we are not progressing, but we should not let Grief consume us either to the point we are not living. As we learn to move forward, we begin to find balance in our lives.

Some of us find ways to shed our grief as we grasp onto something readily available on the outside, but this is only a temporary need and cannot fill the emptiness. A new haircut or a new wardrobe,  will not necessarily help us on a deeper level.  It just gives us a temporary fulfillment.  All these changes make us feel better but only on the outside, and if we continue to grasp onto external gratifications, our grief will continue to re-surface. Ultimately our grief can only be worked upon through "internal" healing. 
Some of us aren't the same we were before experiencing such tragedy because we begin a new transformation within. As we slowly change the world changes around us.
We must take as much time as we need to heal because this is OUR Journey and OUR Grief. We cannot unravel everything overnight. It is important we don't worry about the outside world because often the outside world can throw us off balance.  Sitting alone is healing as we reflect upon our journey. This silence often rejuvenates us, liberates us and gives us peace of mind.

It is perfectly normal to withdraw.  Don't let others tell you otherwise.  Don't listen to the garbage other people have to say because they do not understand our journeys.  If anyone ever says anything tell them they need to walk a mile in your shoes first, and then you can talk.

Grief is our most greatest teacher. It is the beginning for many of us to a new inner journey. We will see growth within us if we treat our grief kindly and embrace every tear.  Grief teaches us lessons in love, faith, humbleness, wisdom, authenticity, strength, and hope.  The love I would say is the most important lesson of all. Love is stronger than death and continues when we leave his world. Love will never separate us; love bridges both heaven and earth and is a reminder that we will always stay connected through our tears with those who left before us. 


About the Author

After the sudden and tragic loss of Louise's daughter, Elianna, Louise became interested in spirituality and began reading books on life and death. In 2014, Louise wrote her first book, "Journey to the Rainbow."  In 2015, she enrolled in the University of Metaphysical Sciences to pursue a degree in Divinity, and in 2017 Louise finished her second book "The Power of Eternal Love." In 2018 she received her Master's Degree.  Louise has written a third book "Dimensions of Transition" which will be available Summer 2019. Louise resides in  Wisconsin with her husband, Dan, and their two children.                                                                   


Louise Suzanne Boyd, M.Div