My Blessings

Sitting here thinking about the state of the world right now, my boy, my blessings & these two!!  Being my husband & stepdaughter has not been an easy task after losing Brian. But, they love me, support me & forgive me for the short comings I had as a wife & stepmom after we all lost him. That’s the true testament of family, isn’t it? It’s not only being there when you’re spot on as mom, wife & stepmom, which I always took great pride in. It’s being there when things fall apart. Crash all the way down. When the person they know is no longer the same, but you are fighting, so hard, to get back to them. And when you finally see in color again, you feel so guilty for the times you checked out on them just trying to literally survive, no matter how many times your husband reminds you that you saved his life the day he met you & maybe this was his time to save you, or when your stepdaughter reminds you that we made it, all you can do is cry & apologize, BUT because they love you, know your heart & who you are, no other words ever need to be said! They loved me until I was me again! That’s love! That’s family!! That’s these two!! 
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