Self-Care Rituals that Help Me After My Loss


Tracking My Emotions

Even if the first flurry of emotions has already passed, it is still essential to monitor your reactions and feelings. Moreover, it will help you identify a trigger that improves or worsens your condition. The diary of emotions helped me.

Its essence is that every time you feel that your emotional background has changed, record this change in your diary. You need to identify a new emotion, as well as describe the situation that led to its occurrence.

For example, you felt sad after you saw that a young family is walking in the park with children. Identify emotion and situation, and try to cut off any negative influences.

The same goes for positive emotions. Observe yourself more closely and keep track of those things and situations that make you at least smile. It can be absolute trifles - like a cat that spontaneously jumps onto your knees, or a favorite melody sounded in the car. But it is crucial to learn how to catch these little things and pull yourself to the surface.

Giving Away and Helping Others

The relationship between helping others and helping yourself can be unobvious at first glance. But in fact, there is a direct emotional connection. When you give away something, you increase energy elsewhere. When you help someone, you give part of your energy to another person, but still, get more in return.

The law of conservation of energy works always and everywhere - the more you give, the more you get. The energy of others can be healing. It can be just a smile, or a handshake, or a nod, but the realization that you can make someone happy heals many wounds.

Personally, the weekly ritual of revising my wardrobe and all things in the house helped me. I used the rule - if I did not use this thing at least once in the past year, then there is someone who needs this thing more than me. Every weekend I gave my stuff to the poor.

And twice a week, I was a volunteer in an animal shelter. Animal therapy is not a magic pill but is magical support during painful periods.

Revising My Diet and Sleep Schedule

Sooner or later, an emotional state will entail physical disruptions if you do not pay attention to your health on time. This is what is called psychosomatics. And this, by the way, is the most challenging case for diagnosis and treatment.

Therefore, it makes sense to take care of your physical shell in advance. Otherwise, your body may simply not withstand the emotional burden of grief. Perhaps, there is only one universal recipe - the observance of the correct routine of sleep, food, work, and rest.

It is effortless to say, but challenging to do, especially if grief overshadows your mind. Do not blame yourself if, for some time, you fail to create the correct mode. This is normal. Start moving slowly and carefully.

The first step I took was making myself fall asleep early instead of looking at the patterns on the wallpaper and refused a spoonful of sugar in coffee the next morning. Take a tiny step towards caring for your health and regimen - and this will already be a big victory.

Limiting Social Media

Social networks are very insidious. Do you know why they were created? To make it possible to brag, envy, and be angry. Yes, it’s possible to find useful content on social networks, but ... Social networks are not the best place to deal with the loss. If you refuse to use them, limit the time, or at least revise your news feed and unsubscribe from people and communities that cause negative emotions in you, this will be a good choice in favor of yourself.

At some point, I decided to permanently delete my Facebook page (which caused a flurry of calls from friends and relatives - they decided that I’m at the final stage of going mad) and decided that I would spend on Instagram no more than ten minutes a day. Isolation from social networks allows you to concentrate more on yourself than on others. This has been personally verified.

Shopping Therapy

Shopping therapy makes sense when you are ready to put an end to and open a new page in your life. When you got rid of things that do not add energy but simply occupy living space. And when you are ready to start creating your new lifestyle and lifestyle.

Shopping with friends or alone, really improves the mood and helps to distract from your thoughts. The only thing you need to provide for this ritual of caring for yourself is the budget. Plan your budget and make a list of the most necessary purchases so that these things bring joy without creating a hole in your pocket.

Praying for the Best

You may or may not believe in God in its classical sense, but still, there are higher powers that help us and guide us along the right path. These higher powers are the energy of the Universe, which is equally strong for all of us. When we pray or if you want, we simply ask the Universe to help us with something, we send a powerful energy charge and receive the same charge in response.

Pray for yourself and your loved ones, ask for health, inner strength, and well-being for everyone dear to you, and first of all - for yourself. Even if it seems to you that now you are empty emotionally and energetically, try to turn to the Universe with the minimal request that you are capable of, and your desire will be heard.


Of course, all these rituals are individual. But I hope that some of them will suit you as well. Take care of yourself, be healthy, and remember that coping with grief is just a stage that will end and turn into a bright memory.

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