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Are Dimes My Spiritual Connection to Mother?

Expert Author Dora Carpenter

Many stories have been written about the significance of finding dimes and the interpretations are varied. As with finding pennies, I always attributed such incidences to the old wives tale of good luck, but never really thought further about it.

That all changed when my Mother died. As family gathered to leave the house for the funeral service, I had a strange urge to go take a walk, so I asked everyone to wait for a few minutes before leaving. With no clue as to why I wanted to walk or where I would walk, I left and headed down the street and around the corner. When I reached the end of the block, I turned around to head back. All of a sudden a shiny dime fell and bounced on the ground in front of me. I stopped, looked up and wondered how a dime could fall from the sky. Well I was under a tree at that moment, so how could anything other than a leaf or branch fall from a tree? I had nothing in my hand but my keys. No purse, no coat on, no pockets in my outfit. I stood there perplexed for a moment still looking up at the tree for an explainable reason that a dime could just fall from a tree and bounce right in front of me.

When I returned, I shared my experience and my Son who said, "Mom, you should not be alarmed or surprised. You know that was Grandma." Still puzzled, we continued on to the services, only to return home later that day to see a dime on the doormat at the front door!

I could recount a series of ensuing events relating to unexplained dimes appearing at unexplainable places and in unexplainable circumstances. At the end of the evening on my daughter's birthday, she openly grieved her first birthday without her Grandma. A few minutes later, I heard her scream for me from the bathroom. A dime on the bathroom floor. I live near a butterfly garden and visit often to meditate, write, or ponder ideas and decisions. On more than one occasion, I have returned from the butterfly garden to find a dime on that same doormat.

I am no longer puzzled or question the coincidences or serendipities of finding dimes as this has continued for the last four years since Mother's death. As she passed two days before Mother's Day, it is fitting that I share at this time as I pen the words to my upcoming "Dimes from Heaven" book.

Wishing all mothers and mother-figures a Happy Mother's Day, and if your mother is no longer physically present, I wish you peace and comfort as you cherish her memories and connect with her in a spiritual way.

Dora Carpenter is Founder and Program Director of From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program. As a From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coach, you will have the knowledge, skills, resources, and confidence to coach clients through the transformative process of handling the painful emotions of losing a loved one, getting on top of their grief, and moving forward in life with meaning and purpose in the shortest time possible. To find a coach or learn to become a coach and help others through the grieving process, visit

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