Best Friend

I miss you so much and can't believe your gone
Left me here to carry on
Move forward in life
Always be a good wife
Always do what's best for us
Cause that's what people do
Dad, you taught me that too
In the end, people do what's best for them
If your lucky like me you have that one true best friend
She has your back and know who you are
She knows your trouble near and far
She will never let you know that she is hurting too
Cause she's always always taking care of you ....
she is loved with all my heart
It's only miles that keeps us apart
All I want is for her to smile and be glad
She's the best friend that I have ever had

Thank You

About the Author
.I am a white female 47 years old and suffer from depression and anxiety. I have had three right hip replacements due to infection at 18 months old I just had my world turn upside having my dad pass away 8/9/2015 He called me at 8 pm we said we love each other n that was my last Time I spoke to him... I love to write poetry and advice for the grieving
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