A Brand new me

Why am I so unhappy when life is giving me all I need?
why is it always misery that I choose to feed?
why do I choose to disguise my emotions with a painted on smile?
why does it feel like when I’m taking a step I’m crawling a mile?

Well now the time has come to start a fresh as the days go on,
to face the world, smile and stay strong,
remember and revert back to the person I used to be,
the more positive, bubbly, party girl hidden inside of me,

I don’t understand how I lost the person I once felt,
before I used to write, sing and dance and inside I would melt,
It helped forget, delay and hide any problems in life I used to get,
partying and enjoying the night with the friends that I met,

I was known for my slim figure, my confidence but mostly my wiggle,
shaking my bomb uncontrollably to the music, the one stood in the middle,
I shook dancing to the music, to the rhythm and to the beat,
I laughed and smiled with my friends the night was always a treat.

Though time may tick the past still stays,
memories, fun, smiles yes those happier days,
I try not focus on what lost in me, I try to refrain,
instead I try look at the positive bits that still remain,

It’s time once again or me to dance and to sing,
to open my arms to what next lie will bring,
I’m releasing the party girl in me, once again setting her free,
a difference and change in me world prepare to see,

Life might have taken from me but now I’m back,
I didn’t lose myself totally so I’m ready to attack,
the person I have become I aim to lose,
the new me will leave a bruise,

I’m now here to live and forget the past,
the new attitude is here to last,
smiles and laughter is always the key,
a party girl I’ll remain and always be.

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