Change Your Thoughts; Change Your Life

Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.  Keri Russell

We can watch the news on television; we can listen to our radio or read it on our computers. All the news about the negativity of our world is thrown at us all day, every day. We are exposed to bombings, terrorists, murders, flashbacks to other traumas and tragedies, revisiting past traumatic news stories, fear, violence, gun control and death statistics. And what do we do?

  • We can choose whether we watch television or read the newspapers.
  • We can choose to refuse to admit, watch or listen to the negativity. (but this ultimately gives it power over you so that is another story and another post!)
  • We can choose to empathize with the victims and feel compassion.
  • We can choose to allow our passion to move us.
  • We can choose to let love and light guide us.
  • We can choose how we are going to react.
  • We can choose to trust our faith
  • We can choose to move ourselves to operate from our higher self.

We clearly have choices. There are different perspectives and we can choose ours. How?

You can choose what you want to give your focus to. Choose. Choose what you CAN do. Honor and care for each other… Smile… Say thank you… Let the person ahead of you in line… Hold the door for someone… Help the elderly with a task… Give a compliment… Be courteous and polite… Say hello… Offer help to others… Be a good listener… Start a conversation with someone… Give someone an unexpected gift… to name a few…

I realize this post sounds quite repetitious but in grief we tend to lose our focus, feel out of control and feel an inability to decide anything. In life (not just grief) you can look from a different perspective. You can choose love where, when and with whom you want to share it. You can focus on love and not the negativity and fear that abounds in our world.

Do you want to feed the reactive emotions or create positive ones? Do you want to let go of the negativity?

We each have the wisdom, passion, love and light inside of us to adopt a different focus. We each have the ability to choose love.

I don’t believe negativity will be abolished in my lifetime and with improving technology we will continue to be bombarded with disturbing world events and shocking news. So it is up to us to determine if we want to continue the loop of the familiar (fear) reaction or be a part of the creation of change in our world.

By being aware and changing your focus, you will be a part of the goodness in the world. Also, while you are learning to face your own challenges, you will be demonstrating goodness, love, and hope and healing to others.

Wishing you courage to choose… Chris

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Chris Mulligan’s son's death challenged her 25 years experience as an adoption social worker, her MS in Clinical Child, Youth and Family Work and her beliefs and values. Their continuing relationship and ongoing communication changed her and introduced her to a new life of gifts, gratitude and growth. Her book, Afterlife Agreements: A Gift From Beyond details these changes and the development of this new relationship. Since Zac's October 2000 death, she has documented over 11 years of communication with him and other spirits on the other side. Her website is: and and her monthly newsletter is "Living Differently."
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