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I know were apart now daddy but don't be blue,
Not a day goes by daddy that I don't think of you,
When you miss me daddy you can always call,
Or look at the picture daddy this one of us all,
Like I do in bed daddy when I say goodnight,
Tucked in snug daddy cuddling eayore tight,
I will see you soon daddy it won't be long,
Keep smiling daddy we have to stay strong,
A virtual kiss daddy I'm sending your way,
The next school holidays till I come stay,
Miles don’t separate us daddy don’t you see?
In each others heart daddy we will forever be,
Although time apart daddy might seem a lot,
I think it shows us daddy of what we have got,
It reminds me of how much I love you daddy, oh yes I do,
Just know your the best daddy just know this is true.

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