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Do They See Me Cry In Heaven?

Do they see me cry from Heaven? Does it make them sad to see me cry? Someone told me that my loved ones in Heaven are held back by my grief, is this true? These are questions that I am often asked by clients and I wanted to take a moment to touch upon this subject for those of you who also have the same questions.
I want to answer these questions for with all honesty. So, let’s start with the subject of crying. The tears you cry for a loved one who passed to Heaven are filled with one thing. Those tears are not filled with pain that you are handing over to your loved one in Heaven. Your tears don’t house hate, anger, guilt, frustration or any other negative emotion that you could think of adding to this statement. Your tears are purely made of LOVE. Your love for them in Heaven is the driving force behind your tears. Are you angry that they passed? Maybe… Do you feel guilt associated with their passing? Perhaps…Those emotions are common with a loved one’s passing, but you wouldn’t have those emotions at all, if there wasn’t love standing behind them. Anger, Frustration, Guilt, ect are created by our human minds. They are thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we work through in a grieving path. But, your tears don’t stem from those feelings of anger, frustration, and pain. Your tears stand for the life you shared with your loved ones. Your tears represent the moments that you yearn to share with them in the physical world. Your tears stand for the moments that you miss them here in the physical world through pure love. Your tears represent unconditional and unwavering Love.
Do they see you cry those tears? The answer to that question is yes. Your loved ones absolutely see your tears upon your face. There is not a moment of your life that they miss from Heaven, all the way down to the little tears upon your face. They are at your side as you cry those tears and they are encouraging your beautiful smile through those tears. They know that your tears are made of love. They know how much you miss them. But, I have to tell you something. Your loved ones in Heaven are absolutely incapable of feeling a negative thought, feeling, or emotion in Heaven. What this means is, Your loved one knows that you miss them, but, they simply stated, don’t miss you…… Let me explain. Because there is no negativity in Heaven, they are incapable of missing you. What kind of Heaven would Heaven be if we spent all of our eternity missing the ones that we love the most once we get there? Instead of missing you, they LOVE you. They have pure, unconditional, unwavering love for you from Heaven. They know without a doubt that they will see you again when you graduate to Heaven some day. There truly is no reason for them to miss you because in Heaven, there is no sense of time. Our time here on Earth seems to take forever from year to year….. In Heaven, our years are but a blink of an eye….
Does my grief, or crying hold back my loved one from the beauty of Heaven? Um, let me answer this one as simply as possible… Not a chance. I often have people come to me with this question after they have seen what they thought was a Medium. No true Medium will ever give you a negative from Heaven. No true Medium will ever leave you in a place of Fear. If you speak to an Honest Medium, you should feel as though you just had a phone call made to Heaven and you spent close time with that loved one, leaving you feeling at peace. There truly is nothing in this world that you could do that could hold your loved ones back from the Greatness of Heaven. They live in pure perfection in God’s Pure Light. Any Fake Medium that tells you that your loved one is stuck in limbo somewhere because you cry tears for them should be put into limbo themselves. I think the reason that a dishonest medium tells people things like this is because they truly just don’t know any specifics to tell you about your loved one and they resort to placing you in fear. If you have ever had this negative experience with someone who is dishonest, please kindly take all that they told you, wad it up in a ball, roll the window down on your vehicle and toss it out the window. Your loved ones understand your tears. They lived a life as well and they know that in life, there are things that hurt through love. They don’t ask you not to cry. Of course, they love to see you Happy and encourage your greatness in life, but your crying for them surely doesn’t hold them back from perfection.
The last paragraph also answers the other question of are they sad because I cry? The answer to that question is no as well. They are simply incapable of being sad as they live in Heaven.
If you picture the most perfect place you could ever imagine and fill that space with more love than you could ever dream of and then multiply that picture and feeling by Infinity, then you may begin to understand the perfection that they are living in and yes, they are very much Alive in Heaven. The guilt you carry is not something they ask of you in honor of them. Your pain is not necessary to make them feel your love. Maybe you weren’t on the greatest terms in your relationship with them before they passed and it eats at you every day that you have lived since their passing. I want you to know that they never intended to leave you with such turmoil in your path. Instead, you are intended to use the moments you shared with them in life as lessons of Love and Strength. So what if you didn’t get along at the end of their life, it doesn’t mean that they love you any less from Heaven. Use the lessons of what stood between you, to propel you into greatness in future relationships. Sometimes what stood in our way in life was intended to stand there and we were honoring our worth in keeping a distance. You should never feel guilt for honoring the positive path you walk in life and perhaps honoring your worth in that moment was a life lesson you intended for yourself. It was a lesson that they helped you with in life, yes we write the ones with love into our life to help us with the lessons of growth that we intend for ourselves. Why on earth would you feel guilty for not walking the negative path of another just because they passed? I would instead Thank Them for the lessons of Love and then honor the legacy of who they are in our Hearts.
They see you cry from Heaven and they know you cry out of love. They hear your words to them as you speak with them. They hear you think to them in moments of silence. There is nothing in this world that you could do to make them anything other than proud of you. You see, you are living and they know that living is not an easy thing to do. Life is filled with lessons of love and strength. We grow the most through our struggles. Their passing was one of the biggest lessons of love and strength that you have ever worked through in life. So, be proud of who you are. Cry your tears when they are needed. Above all, Remember Your Worth and know that they love you Completely for all that you are.

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My name is Fara Gibson. I am a Psychic/Medium. I was born with an amazing ability given to me by God. I have the ability to connect people here in the physical world with their loved ones that have passed on to Heaven. You see, I said that I was born with an ability because the gift lies in the messages that I get to give to people like you. When I was a little girl I always knew that I was a little different from all of the other kids. I could see things the other kids didn’t see, hear things the other kids couldn’t hear and I felt things that I couldn’t explain. In my teens, I discovered that it wasn’t that I was different, I was blessed. I am clairaudient (I hear spirit), clairsentient (I feel spirit) and I am also clairvoyant (I see spirit and the symbols they give me). I have shared messages of healing and assurance that our loved ones are with us and watching over us from Heaven since I was a young girl. Fara Gibson, Psychic Medium There is a link to my FB Page listed on my Website. If you would like to focus on your Healing, I would love for each of you to join my page. I have also just written and released a book about Heaven titled "Looking Into The Windows Of Heaven" May those of you who read this book find healing within it's pages. You may purchase my book by copying and pasting this link in your browser

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