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Faith and courage

This is coming from my heart
I feel I've been torn apart
Everyday I fight to be ok
To know how blessed I am
to have another day
Everyday is a chance to make things alright
To start a new path, to start a new life
We all are imperfect in one form or another
How lucky are we to know each other
High School Peeps You will always remain a special place in my ❤️ heart
Even though we are all far apart
From New York To LA
I couldn't expect this to,be any other way
Not everyday will the sun be shining
That's when I do a little reminding
Count my blessings 1-10
If I have to I will start over again.....❤️

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About the Author

.I am a white female 47 years old and suffer from depression and anxiety. I have had three right hip replacements due to infection at 18 months old I just had my world turn upside having my dad pass away 8/9/2015 He called me at 8 pm we said we love each other n that was my last Time I spoke to him... I love to write poetry and advice for the grieving

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