Fly High Angels

Feb. 18, 2012 Steven Gatto and his wife Candy lost four precious grandchildren, Gage, Greg, KK, and Kandeein, in a house fire.

They were his whole life. For the 1 year anniversary to help him cope with the pain he  wrote a beautiful and powerful song about loss but more inportantly about the hope of enjoying the memories without so much pain. Please take a listen. 

It is his dream for the world to know the kids because of his song please help make this happen by sharing this with everyone you know.

About the Author

On June 14th, 1999 my son Noah Thomas Emory Lord age 4 and a half died following complications of a tonsillectomy. That first day it was impossible to imagine taking my next breath much less taking the first steps on what was going to be a continuous walk through grief. On this journey I have cried an ocean of tears, screamed myself hoarse and felt pain so intense that it seemed unbearable. There are no magic words or process that take will take away the pain of grief. Calendars and clocks have no place in the grieving processes, what we all need are a set of tools that we can pick up and decide how and when to use them to re-build our lives. It was this realization that inspired The Grief Toolbox. The Grief Toolbox is both a resource and community for those who grieve and those who work to help them. With a desire to help the bereaved I have been involved with the New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire chapters of the Compassionate Friends, a national support group for bereaved parents. I have served on the National Board of Directors of the Compassionate Friends. I have a passion to serve the bereaved and a desire to help the people who work with them. If you are interested in joining The Grief Toolbox community or to have me present or run motivational workshops please contact me at [email protected] Together we can bring hope to the bereaved.

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