The Golden Thread

As I live my life, I am finding the stumbling  and tripping in my world, has subtly turned into a cautious look down at my feet before I step.  My inability to not understand a new day, has  turned into a deep breath, a smile, and patient courage.  My life has been spattered by an occasional visit from the Welcome Wagon; new and wonderful people who have entered my life,  and it  has given me opportunity say hello to the world again, and the people it.  “hello!”

I believe one thing with all my heart now.   When people die, there is a great exchange that takes place. I believe that no one takes the journey  alone as they leave this world, and no one walks  the journey of survival alone either.  Those who have kindred spirits, and have shared love,  leave a part of themselves with the other.  They exchange a bit of their souls at the time of death. And not only in death..other people leave a part of themselves with you whenever they come in and out of your life.  It’s as if there is a golden thread of love and energy that keeps us all on the this amazingly powerful and strong continuum. People jump on and off it all the time!..  We are all inter woven. and just like a brilliant woven tapestry, people weaving in and out of our lives will  leave their mark.  It’s why it takes a village to raise a child, and why it is said. “When two or more are gathered in His name there is love."  It’s why we get to  feel the presence of those we lost in our hearts, It’s how they make their journey into heaven,  and most importantly,  it’s how we make our journey back to our new world and find our joy.  Because eventually we understand that our grief and loss is a part of the tapestry; and those we lost, will always be apart of it..

The greatest gift we receive in this world is that of love.  It is our connection to mankind. The Golden Thread; it keeps us all connected , the ultimate “pay if forward” that continues to reinvent the tapestry of our heart.  And as we all stumble and trip through our lives,  it gives us the courage to brush ourselves off and to find the bravery to  say "hello" to the rest of our  journey..


About the Author
A Catherine Capra-Leaf Catherine is a life long resident of Minnesota. She graduated from Mariner High school in White Bear Lake,Mn in 1976, and attended the University of Minnesota: Duluth. She was married in 1979 to Michael Leaf, and has three daughters, Jennifer, Kimberly, and Heather. She has worked in the White Bear lake Public Schools as a paraprofessional for 23 years, working with special education students. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, walking, and her new found love of writing. After the death of her husband, she works diligently at helping others who are experiencing difficult life circumstances to find strength, power, and bravery, is a main focus of her life now. She continues to write stories to inspire and encourage people to find healing in their own lives.
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