The Grief Journey-What To Pack

It's the journey no-one wants to be on and you won't truly understand the following advice unless you are on it. Everyone's journey will be different, so I can't tell you what to pack, you choose, pack what's right for you, listen to your heart.
Below are some suggestions of what to pack from my personal experience:
First of all hold on tight it is a bumpy ride - remember to breathe and take breaks. Sometimes the journey will be too difficult and you will be forced to stop and take a break, before you can continue.
Do not pack clocks and watches - take all the time you need there are no time limits - just try to travel one day at a time then rest.
Tissues-Do cry - let the tears fall it is your way of expressing the deep love you felt for your Angel
Phone-You can either take rest stops on your journey to talk face to face or talk about how you feel by phone with friends and relatives who care about you and who you can trust . Surround yourself with positive people.
Pen and paper-write down how you feel express your emotions or thoughts - acknowledge them.You will feel every emotion known to man-none are wrong -this is your way of grieving. It's okay to be sad. Write down what you feel guilty about-then tear up the words-there is nothing you can do to change what has happened -what will be has been-try not to dwell on guilt there was nothing you could do -it was all part of a divine plan.
Internet access via phone/computer access - The Grief Toolbox read their articles -you will know you are not alone and will find sources of help-directions for your journey. Check in with websites let them know how your journey is progressing.
Ear plugs-if anyone says get over it, let it go, it's time to move on -put the plugs in. Don't let people tell you how you should feel. You will do what you need to do when you need to do it -it is not wrong to grieve for as long as you need to -again no time limit
Punch bag/dart board something you can take your anger out on - you will feel angry at times.
Something that makes you happy-you will need to focus on what makes you happy to give you the strength to cope with and control your grief.
A candle -Light it at night in memory of your Angel and to illuminate the nights which are the hardest.
Travel forward on this journey with an open mind -you will be forever changed -there may be some good within the bad -try to find positives -help others in the same position or in need
A one person tent-you can go inside it to have time alone and have meltdowns -yes they will happen.
A card with these words on it-The soul. spirit and love do not die -I have an Angel by my side who will protect watch over and love me until we are reunited. Read the card when you feel sad.
A prayer book-pray to your God or Angel to give you the strength to continue your journey.
A photo or a memento of your Angel-when you look at them remember the good times the great memories you shared. Tell them how you are feeling and about your day-know you will see them again and they can hear you.
Any signs or symbols your Angel has left you-feathers, pennies-all signs of comfort and hope to help you on your journey.
A camera takes some photos of the beauty you see as you travel-they will remind you of the beauty you have forgotten that still exists in the world as our grief often blinds us.
A pillow - When it all become too much put your head down and rest-if you have a pleasant dream it will create a temporary respite from the pain.
Stop off and visit places you know you will find peace-churches, graveyards, relatives or the seaside.
Your own in built sat-nav -The journey will get easier when you find the best way for you to travel-find your own directions and take your own route -no route is a wrong. As your journey progresses you will still carry the heartache but somehow it becomes part of you-you acknowledge it for what it is and that it's okay to feel the way you do. It's normal to miss the one you loved and yearn for them. The love that connected you cannot be broken.
Remember grief is an act of love and love never dies. The is no final destination time for your journey.
Hope you will find something to help you in the above list.
Think about what you may need to pack to help you on your grief journey.
Bless you all on your journeys. 
MarieSte x
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