Heavenly Butterflies

Heavenly Butterflies


Gorgeous lives go flying by

Into deep blue azure skies


Exquisite wings, so decorated

Each one should be celebrated

For its beauty, strength and might

To see such splendor taking flight

Watching them brings much delight

And takes the soul to higher heights


So wondrous and free they are

If only they could reach the stars

Then those night lights in the sky

Would be bejeweled with butterflies

What a sight for all to see

Wings lit up like Tiffany


Do you ever take the place

Of these creatures with such grace?


{If so, someday I’ll meet you there

Where we will be so blessed to share

Ascending through sweet air of blue

Goodbyes erased I’ll fly with you}


By, Laura Hornby Kutney

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About the Author

Laura Kutney believes apathy is the most dangerous weapon of mass destruction.  She loves to laugh until her face hurts, and to spend quality time with friends and family. She is passionate about writing and can ponder a word for a day, or write a story in an hour.

Laura lives in Silicon Valley, CA with her husband of 24 years. She is the mother of three adult children.

Life is good and ever-changing. She counts on the second part of that last sentence sometimes hourly. She can be found here at the Grief Toolbox, at elephant journal, Quora, Instagram and her own website: http://www.mosaiccommons.me

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