Hello Grief

Hello Grief

Rear your ugly and wicked head
I feel your wrath every waking day
Beating me down constantly
Taking my breath away

Although I fight to move forward
You always win
Your waves strong and high
Knocking me down again and again
Always a struggle, always a fight
A fight I can not win

I put on a face every new day of progress.
Of moving forward to a better brighter place
Every night the mask comes off and
I'm right back where I was
A place of darkness and despair
The passing day filled with lies and betrayal

The sun rises and begins to fall
Tired eyes began to close
In our bed we once shared
The place you suffered in great pain
The place you took your last breath
The place you were ripped from me

Hello Grief
Rear your ugly and wicked head
A new day begins
Another fight I face
Another fight I cannot win

Hello Grief
My constant companion
Here you are again

Poem by Lisa Beckermann 

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