Hope is here

Hope is Here

He is stronger than the struggle
Greater than the pain
Faithful through the loss
   He is hope for the future
He is stronger than the lies
Greater than any man
Faithful through the crisis
   He is hope for the future
He is stronger than the emotions
Greater than any discouragement
Faithful through the darkness
    He is hope for the future
He is stronger than death
Greater than the past
Faithful through the present
     He is hope for the future
He is strong enough for today
Greater than the doubts
Faithful in each of the moments
    He is hope for today
Today, is the future dreamed of yesterday
He was there then, He is here now and He is already in the future.
Hope is here. 
                                            ---Debbie Hornsby

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About the Author
A Mother, Wife, Pastor, Writer, Artist, Blogger, Sister, Friend, Fellow Struggler, Griever, Overcomer and most importantly a laid down Lover of God! In 2013 our son Justin went to be with the Lord. You can read more about that in my blog but obviously it has changed me forever. I say it shattered me and Jesus is gently piecing me back together...I am a Jesus creation, with all my stitches showing....think Frankenstein. She's alive, but just barely. My heart is beating, my body is working but there are still a lot of things that need work. I am pieced together with sacred scars that I don't mind sharing. That is the beautiful part, Jesus stitches.
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