How to Find Your New Normal after a Devastating Loss

 In the backs of our minds, most of us realize that the unthinkable can happen. For me, that was the loss of her son Charlie, 23, who died of pneumonia.

 Before I know it, it’ll be six years since Charlie left us, and I will always feel the loss close to my heart during four of those years I wrote Beyond Life, to help myself and others cope with the grief of losing a loved one.

 But I can remember, love and even miss Charlie without getting caught in a perpetual cycle of grieving. You can keep a loved one in your life while embracing the next chapter of your life.

 Developing healthy coping techniques is one of the most important skills a person can develop because the loss of loved ones is inevitable.

 Writing is a creative outlet that has proven indispensable for me, but there are other tools available to you, one being my faith, which has acted as a beacon of light and hope during this most difficult period of my life, and the support of my family and friends has been a tangible thing that I could lean on.

 Death is a fact of life as is the change that comes with your new normal when someone close to you departs the physical world, we must carry on; find our new journey in life.

 It’s all part of the story of life, we have to learn how to keep those we’ve lost in our lives as we progress to and embrace the next chapter. Once a person finds their path our new normal will have blessings if we’re willing and able to see and appreciate them.

 Overall, Grief “It’s a process and it’s important to never lose faith.”


About the Author
Author J. A. Diller writes with a purpose. She hopes to provide inspiration and a sense of hope through engaging works of fiction. The focus of her work is to deliver the message that with family, faith and courage, nothing is impossible. While her work is considered fiction, it flows from personal experience. Judy lost her son Charlie at the age of 23. While a life event of this magnitude can and does wreck lives, Diller took another path. The event served as a catalyst that served to allow her to bring messages of hope to others in need. Judy has never believed that death is the end. “As I was writing the book, I started to feel at peace within myself,” stated Judy. “I would hear Charlie telling me in my mind what he went through with school bullying, depression, struggle with self image – I could write for hours not ever glancing at the clock. Charlie’s character in ‘Beyond Life’ is Feshy, the hero who stands his ground against all odds, and tries to rebuild his family elders’ relationships.” Issues like bullying, depression and self image are heavy topics for young minds. Judy’s treatment of these subjects leads children and parents gently to a singular and SDFSDF conclusion. Regardless of any challenge we must face, our family will always be with us, our faith will always sustain us and, given just a bit of courage, nothing is impossible.
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