I miss you Mom!

l asked you not to leave me, I never thought you would
God took your life one night, and no one understood
I know he had his reasons, but I'll always wonder why
parts of us went with you, as you flew up to the sky.

l think of you so often, I'll never let you go
You are missed so deeply, by everyone you know.
On earth we had an angel who made our life complete
You touched our lives profoundly just as everyone you'd meet

So kind and filled with wisdom, you graciously gave away,
along with all the love and joy, you brought to each new day!
There is a ray of sunshine high above the sky
I know you're in it somewhere, saying "Honey please don't cry".
You'd tell us that you're with us each and every day
just not like it was before but in a brand new kind of way.

I saw the angels come for you that day you went away
Your task here was completed and now your home to stay!

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