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The Journey of Grief

I found myself on this journey rather suddenly
There was no warning; no sign up ahead

My life was almost perfect it seemed
My heart swelled with complete joy at where I was

I was so excited about the future
The great things we had planned

And then, it happened
Your heart just stopped beating

How could this be happening?
Was this real?

We had just been laughing
And now I was screaming

I did not ask to take this journey
This is not what I had planned

How I long to turn back and get my old life back
But that door has been closed

A new path awaits me
One filled with pain and uncertainty

I did not choose this journey
This journey chose me

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About the Author

My name is Samantha Sage. On August 24, 2010, my life was forever changed when the love of my life, Erik, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in our driveway. At the time, we had been together for 23 years and our 3 children were 13, 11, and 8. We were completely devastated. On top of losing Erik, we also lost our horse farm due to the fact that he had no life insurance at the time of his death. Since his death, I have remarried a man who was divorced with 2 children of his own. It has been a very challenging 7 years to say the least. It is my hope that my writings can help others who have found themselves on this journey of grief.

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