Let Me Help You With The Healing Of A Tragic Passing

  Tragedy Passings are some of the most difficult passings to heal from.  We wonder if our loved one suffered at the time of their passing and because we place so much focus upon the moment of their passing, it is as if we are stuck in that moment, trying to imagine everything they went through in their tragedy.  I want to take a moment to touch upon this subject because it is one that is near and dear to my Heart. 

  Every day, as a Psychic/Medium, I connect parents with their children, Husbands with their wives, children with their parents, wives with their husbands and the amount of the passings that I make connections for whom passed due to a tragedy are simply countless.  I have done readings that have even made my jaw drop when it comes to how a loved one passed.   From vehicle accidents, to Murder, to house or car fires, to suicide, to murder suicide, to drownings, to overdoses on drugs or medications and the list could honestly go on and on.  But, the question is always the same from a client when I make connections with their loved one in Heaven after they passed from a tragedy and that is, “Did they suffer?”  I can tell you that it is not an easy place to stand in my shoes when a loved one asks me that question and the reason that isn’t an easy place to stand, is because I only approach each and every reading that I do with complete honesty.  I feel like sugar coating a reading isn’t serving you when it comes to connecting with your loved one in Heaven.  You want the most honest details that I can give you in a reading because within that honesty resides your peace.  So, when a loved one takes me through their passing, though it is the most difficult moments of a reading, I know how very important the details that they are giving me can be for healing their family.  You see, when we get through the details of the passing in a reading, step by step, it is almost as if Heaven is helping us to release a painful hold that we have placed upon ourselves since our loved one passed in a tragedy while we waited for answers.

    I want to start this paragraph by saying something that I feel is very important for you to understand……..During your loved one’s passing to Heaven, no matter how tragic may have been, their Soul is completely untouched by all that their body went through in their transition to Heaven.  The beautiful soul that made them who they are in life to you.  Their personality, sense of humor, the essence of love that makes you miss them so much was never touched as their body passed that day.  Each and every moment of their passing was difficult for us to even imagine and yet their Soul was at perfect Peace. How can that be???  You see, it is us who are left behind in life who are truly in pain after a loved one passes in a tragedy.  But, the moment that their body begins it’s transition in a tragedy, their soul leaves their body instantly and moves to a place of pure peace, comfort, and love to watch over as their body completes it’s transition.  Their soul is not touched by pain and it does not carry any of the painful moments of their passing to Heaven with them.  For your loved one that passed in a tragedy, the way that they passed simply becomes a part of their legacy in life. It is a part of their story of life and for them in Heaven, it is no longer tragic.  It is Strength, it is Knowledge, it is important, but, It is not painful, but instead of being painful, it is quite a story for them to tell to others they love in Heaven when they arrive about how they got there.

  I know this analogy is a bit weird, but it is one of the easiest way I can explain ,so stick with me for a moment…… I equate the arrival story kind of like you hear about when people arrive in prison (no, I have never been to prison and Heaven is nothing like prison lol) But, you know how in the movies, everyone is kind of sitting around  in the prison cell when the “New Guy or Gal” arrives and someone in the cell asks the newby, “Hey, What are you in for?” and then the newby has this story to tell the group about how they got there that day….. Maybe it was something minor that landed them there, or maybe it is the coolest story the whole jail cell has heard…. Lets skip now to Heaven for a moment.  When your loved one arrives in Heaven, they are immediately greeted by every loved one in their family and friend circle that passed before them.  They are greeted by God, Angels, Loved ones that they spent lifetimes before this one with and so many more that I could not begin to list all whom they are with.  As they arrive in Heaven, there is a life review that they will do in their perfect timing to evaluate the life that they lived, see their moments of growth taken and moments of growth they may have passed by. Perhaps they will see how they could have done things differently and there will be so many moments of pride in that review as well.  As they begin their immediate transition into Heaven and yes, it is immediate, if a person that calls themselves a Medium tells you that your loved one is in transition in a limbo, kindly smack them across the face and leave because they are not being honest and the things they are saying may be hurtful to a family in grief.  So, as they immediately transition into Heaven, they have a full memory not only of the lifetime they just spent with you, but also a memory of lifetimes they may have lived before this one.  They share stories of their growth and strength with their loved ones in Heaven because those loved ones have typically lived a life as well and know how very hard this living thing can be.  So, the story of your loved one and their passing is important and It is a part of who they are and were in this lifetime.  When some loved ones get to Heaven, they tell stories of cancer…. Some tell stories of Alzheimers.... Some loved ones tell stories of long term illnesses…. Some tell stories of short term illnesses……. The tragedy passings are no more or less important than any other passing, but, oh boy, the stories they get to tell……..  Imagine being the one that gets to tell the group about hanging out with your friends in a car when your car is hit so hard that you decided to leave your body in spirit to wrap your soul around the others in the accident to save their lives?  Or perhaps you were the one hiking with friends on a mountain when you lost your footing and bounced all the way down that dang mountain, took them a crew of 10 men 2 days to get you out of the spot you landed in because your fall was just that perfectly complicated….  Maybe you are the one whose life was taken by another in a fist fight that turned into a gun battle you didn’t expect…. Or a woman whose life was taken by the man that she loved….. But, what I am trying to do here is lighten your heart when it comes to the “How” they passed….. The reason for this is because it truly becomes one really cool story to tell when they get to Heaven.  On this human side of the fence, that story doesn’t seem very cool at all.  It is horrific and almost freezes us with pain at just the thought of it.  So, when you find yourself frozen in pain trying to re-live the moments of your loved one’s tragic passing, I want you to try to take a step back to spirit…… I want you to imagine for one moment that your loved one Slid into Heaven Sideways with their Pinkies up in the air screaming, WOO HOO WHAT A RIDE!!!  Because they truly are in a place of perfection in Heaven.

  No matter the passing, no matter the tragedy, no one passing is any more important than any other passing. Every passing that happens in this world is attached to a family and friends here who love them very much.  Some people try to compare or compete when it comes to the passing that they are healing from and though I feel as though it is more of a way to cope with a passing, just like anger, frustration, and sadness, can be part of our healing journey, it is something that I want to touch on.  Sometimes we try to say, “But you haven’t lost your parent at a young age…. But, you haven’t lost a child…. But, you haven’t lost a spouse…..and the list goes on…. You may be right in those words, but I want to help you with something.  When someone is trying to lend you love and support after you have suffered a tragic passing, they are doing or saying the best that they know how in order to bring you comfort.  Sometimes the things that people do or say can be so ridiculous, that we simply want to punch them in the nose, but I want to remind you, if they can not relate to what you are going through, then, they are doing their best.  It is okay if they haven’t lost a child, it is okay that they didn’t lose a parent at a young age.  I want you to try to stop comparing your pain because it is simply impossible and though a parent who lost a child is going through the most pain we could imagine, does it make their pain any more important than the person next to them that just had someone they love very much pass as well?  No, and the reason for this is we are all on the same team folks… We are Loving and we are grieving…. I do suggest that widows find other widows or widowers to lend positive support to and parents of children in Heaven find other parents of children in Heaven to speak with and lift up in times of need, why? Because you definitely relate to one another a bit more since you have gone through similar life experiences, but, just remember that we are all here, living the best way that we know how and not one of us is any more important than the person standing next to us.  If we can view this world through loving eyes instead of competing eyes, it will make the world a more beautiful place for us and that is what is important.

  Every passing is painful for the loved ones who are left behind. That pain comes from Pure and Sweet Love.  But, Pain will sometimes almost make us feel and act crazy, is it wrong, hey, is love wrong??? No…. But, it does happen sometimes that our pain will make us angry and we will take that anger out upon others that truly don’t deserve our wrath, but they are dang sure gonna get it anyway…. Sometimes we would like to find someone, anyone in this world that we can blame for the tragedy that caused our loved one’s passing and I can tell you, short of a murderer, no one wanted or intended for our loved one to pass and although their pain may seem insignificant, I assure you that it is still very painful for that person that may have been a part of your loved one’s transitions home as well…. Drivers of the vehicle they passed in, girlfriends or boyfriends that they didn’t get along with before suicide (People fight every day, but every time I do a reading with a loved one who took their life because of a relationship, they always have the same thing to say, “I could have left, I didn’t have to take my life, people fight every day and I see that I could have made a different decision, I could have reached out and gone home to be with my family and didn’t)  Yet, the family is in so much pain that they many times have complete and utter hatred for the person who shared a rocky relationship with their loved one…… No matter the grudge we may be carrying, because there are too many scenarios to list, Holding hatred is the last thing your loved one wants.  That hatred isn’t serving you and in Heaven they would much rather you hold on to their love and your favorite memories of them, than to hate someone who was a part of their story……

  You will have good days and you will have bad days.  No one in this world can tell you how to grieve because everyone grieves differently.  I want you to begin to see this world in Color again since your tragedy because I know that the moment of the tragedy began to make your vision see this world in black, white, and grey… Everything seems dull, painful, and it aches to breathe……. Take a step back to spirit in the times that are hardest.  When grief takes you over completely in a moment, I want you to SCREAM Silently in your Head, STOP!!!!!!!!  I then want you to replace that very moment with your very favorite memory of your loved one that passed.  What made you laugh with them?  What made you love them so much?  Replace those difficult moments one at a time with moments of love and eventually the difficult moments will simply realize they aren’t allowed in your space because you have built a beautiful ball of light around yourself that only love exists within and within that ball of light exists the love of your loved on in Heaven surrounding you each and every day that you live.  Heaven is only 3 feet off of our floor.  It is all around you.  Your loved ones are enjoying the pure perfection of being in God’s perfect light, while watching closely over you from a place of pure perfection and love at all times.  Yes, they see you stumble and fall in life, but they don’t judge you for it or even feel sadness because negative emotions simply don’t exist in Heaven.  They understand that life is hard (remember, they lived a life as well, so they can relate).  Your stumbles are meant for your strength and they are cheering you on every step of the way for your greatness…. My point is, they are there, right next to you, at your side.  Reach your arm out to your right side, right now as you are reading this…. Do you feel that????  Those goosebumps, that energy, that love is them standing there next to you.  They brought you to this article to make sure you read it for your healing.  Do you feel them at your side?  They are standing right at your side sending you their love at this very moment… I hope each of you are blessed by this article………. Have a blessed day..





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