Life Of A Bum


morning light a new day has begun in the life of a bum
he stammers in the curb as if a lonely bird
goes to the soup kitchen at dawn
closed off from society as if a mystery you see
pan handles for spare change to get a pint of liquor
later he retires in the mire of the shelter
everyone living so close together
he ears whispers in the dark to summon his beckoning call
doorways clasp together as ovations of clumsy feathers
pillows with cobwebs etched in the very fabric of the material
springs louder then a car in danger

yet the bum awakes again to find his belongs stolen
he seeks deep inside to answer his many questions
grabs a hold of his bottle of poison with the very notion
to try to it all again this time the help of a beloved friend
a deacon from a nearby church comforts him with love's invitation
a lasting beam as if a sparkling vast array of hope from where he may cope
hears his favorite song on the radio by a near parked car
the enemy the devil who is Satan was using this man as bacon
but word from the deacon man made him fully understand

Now he had a vested plan
to go forth into the world and spread the gospel
in time he would drop the bottle
learning to practice both more and physical hygene
now that he was clean he hit the streets so very mean
learned to see the good in others
he chose a life of ministry and the rest was sweet history
looking back at things when he was down in the gutter needing a helping hand of a dear brother...
learning never to forget what you came from but be blessed to where you are going
rather its not the know but in the knowing

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