The Meaning of Life

I asked the earth, "What is the meaning of life?" and then sat down and listened quietly, and then here is what the earth said to me. Look up and see the stars that hang without help in the sky, see the sun that shines down and travelers quietly. Love the moon that is always there even when it hides shyly. See the flowers that bloom every year and the trees that unfurl their leaves. Touch the ground where you sit and again, listen to it quietly.  Remember the dreams you had as a child and a child you will be. Do these things and then ask yourself, what does life mean to me.

Smell the wonder of the grass being cut, and laughter that comes on the breeze. The wonderful smell of a barbeque as family and friends gather to share their love freely. Do you remember climbing up into a tree house and looking far out sea, for the waves that rock your pretend boat, someday a pirate you will be? The dolls that became part of your life, each one with a name. The moments of glee as you ride your bike, racing down into the ravine. Your friends chasing after you, who will win this race, you or they? What does life mean to you?

There are hard times, and oh, there are bad. There are times that the tears will flow for all that you had. The loss of someone so special to you changes who you are. No longer do you dream the dreams of life for you have become lost in your sorrow. You forget about being a pirate, or the fun of childhood. You forget that there are still wonders in this world for all is lost to you. Telling you that not all is gone, you will not believe me. But in time you will see, what life means to you.

Listen to the wind as it flows through the trees and sings it's lonely songs, you will hear all about the travels that the wind has done. You will feel it on your skin as it caresses you and then it travels on. The sun will shine down on you to warm the coldness of your skin, the moon will shine and remind you, that love and life will come again. Learn to dream the dreams of a child and become a child who climbed trees and played Cowboys and Indians, who dressed their dolls every day to match what you wore. Then ask yourself, what does life mean.

Our hearts will be forever broken, yet I still feel the breeze on my face. Tears will flow like a waterfall and the sun will dry them all. There will be times when we fall to the ground, the pain too much to bear. Yet our ear is to the earth and maybe, there are some answers there. Yes, we will always hurt, but we learn to live with it most of the time. So listen to the wonders of our world that was not made by mans hand. And ask yourself, what is the meaning of life? Love you all that share my pain for we are in this together. "Forever Mom."

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About the Author

My name is Barbara Mason. My son, Tim left this world on January 5th 2014 at the age of 34. I have lost many, including my Dad and Mom and have never felt the pain and grief that this loss brought. Every day can be a struggle with no hope for relief from the horror in sight. The only thing that would help was an impossible wish, to have my boy back again. I started writing about Tim and this new life and found some comfort and hope to give comfort to others.

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