The More We Know About Heaven, The More We Heal

The Moment that we pass from the Physical World to Heaven, we are immediately filled with love. If you took the most love that you have ever felt in your entire life and multiply it by infinity, then, you may then begin to understand the feeling of Heaven. When our loved ones arrive in Heaven, they will see your family and the struggles they are going through because they are not physically there with you, but, remember, they have moved to a place of pure love. When I say that, I mean it. There is not one negative emotion in Heaven. They are not Sad, or Angry, or bitter, or hurt, and they don’t even “Miss” you….. Now, let me explain….

Missing someone would be a negative emotion… What kind of Heaven would Heaven be, if once we got there, we spent every moment missing our loved ones that we left behind in the Physical World? You see, it is us who struggle, not them. They move to a place of pure and unconditional love. They are filled with pride for your strength in living. They just finished their Physical Journey and they knew then that it wasn’t easy to live here in the Physical World. They also know that living life is not easy on you either because of their own lessons learned. Now, they cheer you on through your struggles and your strengths. They lend you Love and Guidance. But, they don’t Miss you, as they are truly all around you…..

All of the Earthly concerns, arguments, fusses, and fights that you may have had with a loved one prior to their passing are not grudges now for them! The Arguments, fusses, fights, and concerns that they had in life become LESSONS for them. They learn and grow from these obstacles.
So you had some harsh words with someone before they passed? So What! We all have ups and downs in life. If we use our Ups and downs as lessons, then we are succeeding. Your loved ones in Heaven are not “Sad” about those harsh words. They do not wait for you to arrive in Heaven so that you may finish your argument. Again, what would Heaven be like if we just waited there all peeved off and when our loved ones arrive, we just duke it out at Heaven’s gate? LOL… You are simply supposed to learn and grow from that moment. If you had harsh words with someone that you regret prior to their passing, then use that lesson to ensure that you never leave a future relationship in that manner. I make sure that each conversation that I have with anyone that I come into contact with is one that I am proud to carry with me if something physically happened to them or myself. I can tell you that my Best Friend Kenny who was taken from this Physical world in a Motorcycle accident, gave me a Hug the last time I saw him and we both said, “I Love You”. It is something that we did each and every time that we said goodbye. If you do not do this now with the ones you love, you may want to start, as it is a beautiful feeling knowing that I last saw Kenny with his arms wrapped around me in a big bear hug with his scruffy beard on my cheek. How you leave each and every relationship is up to you. Just ask yourself if you can live with how you left it, if it is the last physical chance you have to change it. I can tell you that I have many people that I have placed distance between them and myself as I honor myself as well. I know that I did all that I could in those relationships and would not carry guilt for remembering my worth and that their negativity is not mine to carry. I also know that someday when they pass, they will relive their life through my eyes and know how their life impacted mine. They will know why the distance was placed as I honored myself. So we didn’t fix things before they pass? I’m okay with that if it means that I would have to endure a negative relationship in order to feel like I won’t feel guilty? LOL. No Thanks, I’ll just keep shining my light over here and hopefully, they will see their way out of the darkness and in the mean time, my light doesn’t have to be altered for the sake of another who is not on the same path that I am on in life… (I hope that makes sense on paper)
People here in the physical world try to carry so much unnecessary guilt with the passing of a loved one and I ask you this, WHY??!!! You Love them! You did the very best you could with them in life. You honored their wishes within your means and you kept their best interest at heart. If you had decisions to make in their passing, you made them purely out of love, whether it be putting them in a place where they would receive better care than you could offer, to taking them off of a life support system. Perhaps you had to sell their home and their belongings? They don’t care about material things from Heaven. You could take everything they ever owned and give it all away and they wouldn’t care as long as that is what makes you happy in life.

Your loved ones are in Heaven. They are in a place of pure love. Heaven is only 3 feet above our floor. Yes, look down at your feet and count up 3 feet from there and that is where your loved ones feet walk in Heaven… Well, they kind of float or fly, but, you get the gist. They are so much closer than you ever thought. They are not past the stars and over the moon. They are 3 feet off of your floor. It is the reason that they see you, hear you and is the reason they can leave so many beautiful signs all around you. If you choose to refocus on them being with you, instead of living your life without them, you will see all of the beauty that they surround you with each and every day. They are the wind in your hair, and the sun on your face. They are the air that you breathe and the light within your soul. They are perfectly perfect in Heaven. Put your focus on making them proud. Carry them with you. Live your life in a way that would Honor them. Above all, know that they are in a place of pure and unconditional love and surrounded by the love that you send to them each and every day. They see you, they hear you, they hear your thoughts of them also. They know how you honor them. They see their family grow.

About the Author

My name is Fara Gibson. I am a Psychic/Medium. I was born with an amazing ability given to me by God. I have the ability to connect people here in the physical world with their loved ones that have passed on to Heaven. You see, I said that I was born with an ability because the gift lies in the messages that I get to give to people like you. When I was a little girl I always knew that I was a little different from all of the other kids. I could see things the other kids didn’t see, hear things the other kids couldn’t hear and I felt things that I couldn’t explain. In my teens, I discovered that it wasn’t that I was different, I was blessed. I am clairaudient (I hear spirit), clairsentient (I feel spirit) and I am also clairvoyant (I see spirit and the symbols they give me). I have shared messages of healing and assurance that our loved ones are with us and watching over us from Heaven since I was a young girl. Fara Gibson, Psychic Medium There is a link to my FB Page listed on my Website. If you would like to focus on your Healing, I would love for each of you to join my page. I am an Author of 3 amazing books that will help you on your healing journey 

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