Muted Kaleidoscope

Muted darkness has given way to lightened shapes of distant colors. Today, I can see through a tunneled kaleidoscope of prismatic, disarranged but softly spoken whispers of change. Today, I stepped beside the hole. The black hole, the one that ingests you till you bleed blackness, the blackness that tears your soul into mortifying shards of glass. Cocooned. Until the light reaches down, down to the center of the core and expulsed it's valiant prisms of where I can see you now. To where I can hear you now. Today.  



About the Author
I am a Mom of a of a forever 29 year old Angel boy, who got his wings on November 25th 2013. I created A Season Of Darkness as a therapy tool for myself while giving voice to others who are not able to articulate the pain in their hearts.....
What is Grief?