NDEs and The Beings of Light

NDEs and The Beings of Light


#3… This is my third article on life, death, grief, and signs.  To make sense of the journey I propose for you, I recommend that you, please, step through my articles in order.  They may be found at https://thegrieftoolbox.com/users/jamiepaulwesseler    I make this recommendation because it is the journey this non-believer made to arrive where I am today in my belief and faith as to what happens to us when we die.  And as mentioned in my previous writing, without faith and hope of what has become of our lost loved ones, our souls will perish – of that I am certain.   

The Grief Tool Box contains a growing and incredible inventory of resources for those of us who want to help others and ourselves navigate the turbulent storms of grief…  I am an amateur contributor; I assure you that you will find individual, group, and professional support via this wonderful site.  I encourage you to explore its contents… to share your stories and insights… to comfort and receive support from our world family of the human race….  Welcome.


If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.”                                                                                            Rene Descartes (1596-1650)


And so this is how I began my studies of near death experiences…

As pointed out in my second writing, as a child and continuing into my adult life, uncomfortably, I questioned my Catholic teachings, the “apparent leadership style” of God, and just what really happens when we die.  Is there really life after death?  What sort of life?  What is it like on the other side?

And after hearing personal stories from those who had undergone near death experiences (emotional recantations from my mother in-law, Jackie, and my neighbor, Juanita) I wanted to know more… I was willing to accept their personal experiences as truthful:  Their souls could not be outdone on integrity and love.  They were telling the truth as they experienced it.  Jackie and Juanita experienced the love and warmth of “the other side,” met with deceased loved ones who they did not want to leave… but were told it was not their time and that they must return to their earthly lives.

I had to learn more!  Could this be the truth that my god always seemed to eventually lead me to?  (I need to explain that last statement.)  I developed, at an early age, a sense that if I asked of this god something from deep within my soul, He/She would, someday, make good on that request – I will share more of this realization in some of my last articles.  But for now, store this away, please, as a belief I have held from a very young age… that of soulfully asking and eventually, in its time, receiving the answer(s).

Yes, I needed more documented and personal occurrences of Near Death Experiences – a term phrased by philosopher, psychologist, physician, and author… considered to be the father of near-death- experience psychology, Raymond A. Moody, Jr.  He did not disappointment me.  He provided that introduction in spectacular fashion with his best-selling book of 1975, Life After Life.

I highly recommend that you start your journey with Dr. Moody’s book to learn more about near death experiences.  Then ask around of friends and relatives who have passed and returned to see if they will share their stories.  They will doubt your sincerity in wanting to hear their stories, because you may bet that they have been doubted and ridiculed for sharing their most sacred of life journeys with others who also seemed interested.  You will be in awe of what they have to tell you.  Participate in their tale.  Ask them about everything… with whom did they meet?  How did it feel?  … and of course you will thank them for sharing the most incredible soulful experience they will have ever had, until the next and final time they make the journey… and they will express to you a willingness to make that journey the next time, without reservation… without exception.  I know; I have heard of many of their stories from residents and personnel at extended care facilities and nurses in the home health care field.  I cannot hear enough of them.   

Next, I recommend that you read additional works after you have someone share their experience with you.  If you cannot find someone who will personally share their story with you, NOVA had a spectacular series on reenactments of NDEs… documentation from emergency responders and hospitals.  Additional sources are out there, but I so hope you get a personal delivery from someone who has been there.

What will they tell you?  Not every experience is the same, but here are a few of the common experiences.  I recorded the most common phases as listed below for inclusion in my first novel:

1)  A sense of being dead/the out-of-body experience – The “deceased” floats out of her body and views herself from above.  She feels fear and confusion, because she has never before been in this state of being.  She may not recognize herself at first.  She may try to communicate with those she sees assisting her body, but she cannot.  She hears them and can read their minds and thoughts.

Often this occurs when it is announced that, “we’ve lost them.”  The patient undergoes a complete change of perspective; the soul rises up and views the body below.  She is in some sort of body but not like the old physical body – the new spiritual body… and she realizes the experience has to do with death.

2)  Peace and painlessness – He may feel intense pain… from the incident and/or the soul exiting the body… but then peace and painlessness.  He/She is free from the pain and weight of the human body.

3)  Tunnel experience – She is propelled into darkness toward a portal or tunnel of a brilliant light.  She may hear or sense a “whoosh” or an electric vibration… a hum.

4)  People of light – Now, he meets the beings of light… not an ordinary light.  The beings glow with a beautiful and intense luminescence that seems to permeate everything and fill him with love – this light could be described as light or love and mean the same thing.. it does not hurt “the eyes” – it is warm, vibrant, and alive.  Friends and/or relatives are members of this welcoming committee.

5)  Incomprehensible beauty and communication – She may experience heavenly pastoral scenes; communication is telepathic and nonverbal, which results in immediate understanding.

6)  The Supreme Being of Light – He appears in the presence of the Supreme Being of Light.  He wants to be with It and the others forever.  He may experience a life review.  Time and space are different… compressed somehow.  He knows that time is not as we contain it here with clocks and watches:  “You could say it lasted one second or that it lasted 10,000 years.”

7)  The life review – She will not experience any physical surroundings.  In their place, she sees full color in 3-D… a panoramic view of every single life event she experienced.  She will feel the feelings of those she affected – the Being asks what good she has done with her life.  Afterwards, she will understand that love and knowledge are the two important components of life… in the universe.. and that, throughout her existence in all realms, love and knowledge are all she will ever take with her… no hate, no sorrow, no pain…  The spiritual world is love and knowledge universally shared across the envelope of existence with all beings.

8)  The message to return -- And if it is not his time to remain, he will be instructed to return to his previous life.  He may be given the choice, but many times a choice is not given.  He will not want to leave the presence of the beings of light.  The warmth, the love… are so intense, so present is his sensation of being home, that his soul does not want to return to the cold and Earth-bound limitations of his human body.  But return he must, and the re-entry is a painful one as his soul’s limitless expressions of love are packed back into the confines and sensory mechanisms of his body.

Again, I would have been skeptical of all of this if not for the personal testimonies told to me by my trusted life sources.    

Friends, this is what you will discover from your studies of near death experiences.  Variations exist; these are the most common steps reported to us.  Some souls do experience a Hell, but not the one as I was led to believe.  Most of those tales are of solitary confinement, cold, darkness, emptiness, without love, without light… without hope and faith… without hope and faith, the soul will perish as it does “there.”  And those who report asking for help, asking God to spare them while they are in “that place”… well, they have come back to tell us that He/She did so and they have been given, yet, another opportunity to acquire hope and faith.

I didn’t create the above sequence; I did not dream up any of this.  As a show-me-proof amateur archaeologist, this is the evidence, the proof I have uncovered that I wish to share with you at this writing.  So much more exists, but for now, let’s start here.

Your soul will be enlightened on your journey for knowledge on the topic of near death experiences, if you wish to make that journey.  I so hope you do.  Read. Watch. Listen. Be open.  Be compassionate. Please put yourself in your NDE teller’s shoes… listen to and witness their strong emotions and their vivid tales.  I have witnessed the life changes “NDE” survivors made upon returning… returning with the assurance that love and knowledge are everything… that none of the other items we hold sacred -- success via money, control, power, having it our way, needing people to agree with us – none of it matters.

As a footnote, I have read two very advanced NDE experiences written by some of our brightest of minds in the fields of Psychiatry and Neurosurgery – both feared writing of their experiences because it would negatively brand them in their fields.  After considerable time to assess their responsibilities to humankind, they chose it to be far greater “a crime” to die not having shared their insights than to expose themselves to professional criticism and isolation.

And how many people were imprisoned or killed for suggesting that the Earth, …then the sun were not at the center of the universe?  How many people will be ridiculed, scoffed at, made to appear a little off their rockers for educating us on what is beyond our earthly confines and current knowledge of modern science?

I will share the tales of these two gentlemen later in this collection of writings... when we have had time to educate ourselves to a level of assurance or a higher acceptance to the possibility of NDEs.

Next week, I will begin my series on signs.  Then, we will slip into the higher level NDE reports from our two professionals… and for a proposed final entry, I will do as our two medical field professionals and share with you my personal request and His/Her possible answer:  I, as they, feel it is my responsibility to do so, because if I leave this life without sharing my insight, it will be lost forever.  I have a responsibility to share what I have been given as a possible message.

Until next week.  Thank you.


Jamie Paul Wesseler

About the Author
Jamie Wesseler and his wife, Susan, lost their 31 year-old son, Patrick, in an auto accident in 2014. Through his writings for The Grief Toolbox, Jamie shares the soulful journeys he and his family have experienced before and after their loss. The spiritual journeys include true tales of near death experiences (as told to the author... what awaits us on the other side), interactions between a 15 month-old and her deceased uncle (the two had never met in life), a series of documented Tiger Swallowtail butterfly sightings (recurring signs from the other side), and an archaeological mystery of the sacred circle mound complexes built by the Hopewell culture of the Native North Americans at the time of Christ's birth (what may have inspired a cultural Renaissance just may be proof of a divine happening). Jamie's first novel, Where The Birds Go When It Rains, serves yet as another source of inspiration, hope, and insight for those of us who have lost a loved one -- a novel based on the life events shared with The Grief Toolbox family and the 1968 excavation of the sacred circle mound on the Bertsch farm north of Cambridge City, Indiana. As he writes in his tale... and personally uses as a source of strength through his healing for his loss of Patrick, "With the knowledge and presence of the circles, may you always have cause to possess faith. With "this" story (that of his first novel), may you always have cause to possess hope... faith and hope in the darkest of hours, if and when those moments arrive.
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