The shadow of the day casts a likeness that numbs the heart and soul to transparency. Each breath that I breathe resembles an explosion of love that can't escape my prison of life in grief. Each thought that passes through the fog wrapped in armored steel penetrates deep within my soul and echoes I can't feel today. Loosening the voice hollowed in written tongues, it finds it's way to the surface and speaks in a language foreign to my solemn ears. Weakened and hardened tears trapped within the  body broken and despaired find its home in a glass bottle shattered into microscopic shards. Pleasing and sectioned, the comfort I find today is numb and quiet. Pieces of my mind filled with contempt and solitude beckon the light to shine in prisms of paradoxical plumes on my shadowed face. And stillness abides. 

About the Author
I am a Mom of a of a forever 29 year old Angel boy, who got his wings on November 25th 2013. I created A Season Of Darkness as a therapy tool for myself while giving voice to others who are not able to articulate the pain in their hearts.....
What is Grief?