Today's Goodbye

I already miss you so much dad more than words can ever say,
I already think of you every second of every day,
I wish we had more time, more memories together,
But instead I will cherish the time we had forever,
I will never forgive myself towards the end I wasn’t there,
But I’m grateful that the family was by your side to show you we do care.

I pray that it’s true that your passing was painless and quick,
And that you’re now at peace up there and no longer feeling sick,
My best friend made me smile and giggle dad she said to me,
” you’re sat having a drink and smoke watching the rugby”
Can you remember Claire dad years passed but she knew you well,
That was your personal heaven and anyone that knew you could tell.

I think it was the simple things in life you chose to live for,
Because you were happier knowing you gave your loved ones more,
I know you hid behind your bark with others but you had a heart of gold,
You would deny it because strangely you preferred others saw you as cold,
See I knew you dad even if you mainly showed how you felt in drink,
You were a jolly drunk and softer than most people would think.

I told you dad, there were more people that cared for you than you thought,
Many of us that you have left behind all of us are now distraught,
I know the tears I hold back will flow before too long,
But I will do you proud dad and try my hardest to stay strong.

Your place on this earth I know no one will ever forget,
And not one minute with you I will ever regret.
Every night I will look at the stars in the sky,
But for today dad this is my goodbye.

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