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You Can Never Go Back





The older we get

The more memories we have

Some good

Some we would prefer to forget

Our minds like to replay our memories

We can physically take a trip down memory lane

Only to realize that what we remember

May not be exactly right

May have changed

May not be what we thought it was.


We may have dreamed of returning

Only to discover that once we return it was only a dream

We were holding on to something we did not have

We are no longer the person who created the dream

We have stepped away from the past

As we walked into the future

And rest in the present moment.


How pleasant to take a trip down memory lane

How precious to have sweet dreams

How wonderful to simply watch our future unfold before us

Without getting stuck in the past.



Ann Lindner

Kenny’s loving mother

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About the Author

I was born in 1950 into a large family of my father’s. My father was my best friend and my rock. After graduation from college, I started out on the path of my adult life. Living the American Dream with a loving husband and a perfect child in a house built by us for our little family and future. In 2002 our world was shattered when our only son died while driving home from his Freshman year of college. My father died just before Christmas of that same year. As my husband and I drifted apart, so did our marriage, which ended in divorce. I found myself alone, trying to figure out who I was and discovering how to make my way in an uncharted world. Eventually I found my way. Now, I want to honor my son, Kenny, by being there to support other bereaved parents as they find themselves alone in an unfamiliar world.

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