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You've Changed

You’ve Changed.

Have you heard this since your loss?

Maybe you have.

Maybe you haven’t.

But my guess is that you’ve felt it.

You’ve felt it about yourself.

You’ve felt the eyes of others judging you with those thoughts:  You’ve Changed

Here is my question:  How could you not?  How could you not change?  Were you supposed to remain the same?  Was a deep, profound and tragic loss not supposed to change you?

A couple of weeks ago I saw a meme about grief on Facebook that spoke to me; a line in it stated the following words: An Alteration of Your Being

Think about those words.

An Alteration of Your Being.

That is raw.  And that is true.

You haven’t just changed.

No, it’s more than that.

Your very being has been altered.

Maybe it was cancer that took your loved one, or suicide.  Heart disease, or a car accident.

We all have different stories.  Some of us got to say Good-Bye. Some did not.  Some of our loved ones suffered before their passing. Some did not.

Regardless of how your loss took place, regardless of the exact details of your story, one thing is almost certainly true:  You’ve Changed

I know I sure have.

I went from cloud nine, to utter despair. 

I went from a man reunited with his High School sweetheart, the only woman he’s ever loved, to a man desperate to try and save that same woman from the cancer that took over her body.

I went from truly happy, for the first time in my life, to off the charts bitter; terrified that my everything was about to be taken away.

My wife. My step daughter. My everything.

There were so many horrific moments during those 2 ½ years in which she fought bravely against the disease that eventually took her life.

It go to the point where there were moments, near the end, in which I begged God, with tears from the gut and desperation from the soul, to just take her already. To take her to put her out of her misery.  To take her to put me out of mine.

I had changed.


And then, I changed again.

Shortly before Michelle passed away, while in hospice, I had an awakening of sorts.

I realized how blessed I was to have had Michelle in my life for as long as I did.  I realized how blessed I was to have my amazing step daughter in my life.  I realized how blessed they both were to have me in their lives as well.

My bitterness began to fade.

I began to change for the better.

As I stand here today, nearing the one year anniversary of the day my wife passed away in an unexpectedly beautiful, yet obviously tragic moment, I can say that I have changed.

I have changed in dramatic ways.  And I continue to change.

There are days when I am a better person.  There are days when I am a worse person.

But one thing is for certain, I am surely not the same person.

My outlook on life. My goals. My desires. My heart. My soul.

None of it is quite the same.

I have changed.  To my very core. 

I have changed.

Often for the better.  Occasionally for the worse.

I have changed.

And I’m betting you have too.

After a deep and profound loss, I am now convinced that it is impossible to remain the same person that you once were.

So the next time someone says, ‘You’ve Changed’, whether it be as a compliment, a criticism or a general observation, tell them that you know that.

Tell them that you haven’t just changed though.

Tell them what you have truly experienced:  An Alteration of Your Being

Tell them, that for better or for worse, you’ll never be the same.

 © Copyright 2017 John Polo


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About the Author

John Polo is a widower, step-dad, author, blogger, speaker and life coach. His beautiful wife passed away at the age of 30 on January 22nd, 2016. John and Michelle fell in love in high school and separated for eight years before we found our way back to each other. Shortly after, Michelle was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer. Somehow, through the loss and horrific tragedy that was, John became a better man.

You can follow John on his blog and his Facebook Page: , Better Not Bitter Widower FB Page

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