When grief is new, raw, and overwhelming, I feel like I am drowning. I cannot breathe. My tears choke me. I am just too weak and overcome by sadness to even care. But then there are really great days when I can swim up to the surface and float toward the end of this tunnel of grief. Breathing is easy. Tears are washed away by the sea. My face is warmed by the sun and happiness reaches my soul. 

Drowning via Love Beyond Stars
About the Artist
I lost my husband in January 2015. He was my stars. He was my everything. I write memories to help me deal with grief--a grief I was not prepared to face. I never would have been ready to say "Goodbye" but I also never would have gauged the depth of grief to be so deep. I hope my poems can help others realize they are not alone in the loss of a beloved family member.