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It's so sad ...

It's so sad ...

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About the Artist

I am a mother and daughter in Grief. I suffered a miscarriage in 1998 due to a bad marriage. I was married only for 3 months (arranged marriage). I loss my mum in 2001 just a week after I gained custody of my surviving twin. Raised my daughter as a single parent. Loss my beautiful niece at the age of 25. She was my everything as I had raised her. Everyone knew us as a mum and daughter and never as aunt and niece. I have been on this journey of grief for a long time now and I know there is no end to this journey. Depression had hit me pretty hard. That is when my daughter advised me to start writing and create my own website for others to find peace and words of encouragement for the different anxieties and challenges they may be facing in life. Thus I started the webpage simply to help others . Love Narin Grewal

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